People who understand almost nothing about memes and meme culture.
Sam: "Did you see the Liza Koshy post I sent you?"
Reggie: "Lmao yeah. The amount of normies who commented laughing-face emojis was hilarious bruh."
by Dead_Memez February 6, 2017
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People who overuse a certain meme and basically destroys its pure meaning . Unless its overall a shitty meme.
Memer 1 -"The "Who Kno De Wey" meme was a good meme until all the NORMIES destroyed it"
Memer 2- "I agree, they make me want to kill myself"
by AddieIsGay<3 March 9, 2018
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The normies say ur moms gay, u say no u and the normies get fuckin rekd
by Hoodlands kid af February 23, 2018
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Normies are those who conform with official society's standards for what's supposed to be "normal". Living 100% in the official illusion, they're blindly devoted to whatever are official values and standards. They're the kind who most resemble the fake 'perfect' lifestyle in the adverts and movies.

Despite their self perception as the best and nicest people in the world; in reality one soon find they are pretty much the most intolerant of all people, as they deep down see themselves as the only people who truly deserve to live, due to their being so well behaved and righteous, whereas all the rest of us, as they see it, are sort of just generously allowed to exist out of the goodness of their hearts.

Key in the normie self delusion is the belief that they're almost the only kind of people who exist, whereas all the rest of us are just a tiny little handful of afew misfits and deviants. (Which is of course further nourished by the media and adverts' focus on portraying only the normie lifestyle)

Owing to their perfect naivité and docility society grants the normie class the de-facto monopoly on sex and reproduction (whereas "sex-icon" stereotypes and similar constructs, serve to divert everybody else's anger frustrations away from the normie class).

Normies have no concept of actual arguments. At the bottomline all they understand is that society is strongest and therefor is right. They're the perfect illustration of the Stockholm Syndrome applied on society as a whole.
You can’t help but laugh at the cognitive dissonance of normies when they’re presented with information that shatters their reality tunnel.
by r-p-n April 19, 2021
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Normies are people who ruin/kill a meme, they also think that dead memes are funny and will often reference mainstream and uncultured memes. Meme lords are in a constant fight against normies because normies ruin otherwise good quality memes. I bet you 70% of this site is normies looking up memes to kill.
P1: haha look a Ugandan knuckles meme
P2: wtf you normie that shit ain’t funny
P1: wtf is a normie
P2: normies are meme killers and think that dead memes are funny they probably still dab
by Temmie Flakes March 10, 2019
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What the "edgy" and "cool" kids refer to normal people as.
"Those normies know nothing of true comedy, my meme page is only for those who are truly edgy and into dark, intelligent humor!"
by YourDaddy128 September 20, 2017
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