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WDM stands for Well Dressed Man. It stands for today's culture of men who take pride in their appearance, usually for the ladies' benefit.

Examples of WDM include Alfie, Hitch and Sean Hayes
Sean's suit is so WDM...

I'm in the market for a WDM...

My ideal man is a WDM...
by WDM March 07, 2008
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Walking Diamond Mine.
A person who is so tightass, they can turn coal into diamonds.
He was bitchin' all day and being a complete WDM.
by Stormy February 27, 2004
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Acronym for the notorius Weenies Don't Mess. Weenies Dont Mess being the gang that was originated in Mount Prospect, IL and is now operated in Illinois and Atlanta.
You hear about that WDM meeting this year?

Your not a part of WDM, they're too goon for you.
by Ghettoville January 08, 2009
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WDMS literally translates to: "Wa De Muddu Skunt"

Part of Guyanese creole, these twisted English words will translate to something like "What the mother skunt."
Bob: Yo, check out my balls.
Bob: I meant my cricket balls...

Bob: Yo, check my new pic. link
Rob: K. *clicks, ends up on
Rob: WDMS!!
Bob: lol
by Mr. Itotallydidnt Writethat April 07, 2011
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