A website dedicated to obscure and bizarre occurrences. The main page holds a collection of generally disturbing images taken from around the globe. DailyRotten.com is an extension of the site which features daily updates of news stories ranging from the strange to the political and anywhere in between. It also hosts a daily tab that highlights various anniversaries relevant to that particular day.

A third feature, the Rotten Library, is a detailed and well-written archive on a wide range of subjects. This includes biographies, and historical and scientific entries among others.

Rotten has gained a great deal of controversy in the past for some of its shocking content. What some don't realize is that the purpose of the main site has more to do with morbid curiosity than humor. In fact, the images of genocide and death are often no worse than those shown on television news. While those who visit the site could be described as "rubberneckers," they don't do so for "cheap laughs." Those who attest otherwise are generally telling more about their own train of thought than that of anyone else.
by JFr April 15, 2005
One of the sickest, disgusting and terrible websites in the history of the Internet. Do not go there at all costs. Do not get tricked into going there. If you do, you will see horrible things. For example, a deformed baby known as the harlequin fetus.

A hub for shock pictures visited only by insane, twisted losers with nothing better to do than seeing guy putting a kitten in a jar and leaving it there for most of its life. A website for the mentally-sick. If you think such a website is funny and use it as a source of humour, go down to the mental facility and get yourself checked out. Otherwise, you're going to hell.
Johnny had just got tricked into going to rotten.com. He saw a dead baby's head with no eyes and deformed limbs.
by BYB March 29, 2005
the most disgusting site on the net, e.g pictures of children who have been run over by trains.
thats horrible! it shopuld go on rotten.com, not here!!!
by boyinabox March 28, 2004
the most horrific disgusting perveted sick grusome site on the net, do u think putting innocent life, such as a kitten in a glass vase so as to resrict its growth and make it deformed and mangled and a horrible excuse of life is funny then u r a disguting sick fucked up person and i hope the satanistic person who did that to that poor kitten dies a very bloody death, dont be surprised if its me that kill them they should be ashamed to show children in a morgue children in africa who died of disease and showing their organs being eaten by worms if u think thats funny ur sick
the fucking sick ass people who ruined an innocent life will die!
by blue January 19, 2005
Damn those Korean hackers. I'll have to go to rotten.com.
by WOMD July 9, 2004
A place where I go when I need to pull the ol' goalie
by Anonymous July 20, 2003