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A Guyanese version of the British term (cunt) passed on from the colonial period.

An asswhole, a mudda fukka. Can be used when very upset, or used playfully.
You mudda skunt!

British: You dirty cunt!
Guyanese: Yu dutty skunt! Yu
by pasta brown August 24, 2005
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a word in the Guyanese culture used as an expletive/curse word. Most frequently used to express disbelief, anger or surprise, "Oh skunt!!!" It can also be used to as a adjective when referring to an actual person, or their being. Can be used when refering to a woman or man. Guyanese folklore has it that this word is a melding of a British derogatory phrase "your mother's cunt". the "s" and "cunt" formed the new word. Cunt is originally an British slang for a woman's vagina. Contrary to popular belief, "skunt" it is NOT traditionally used to describe a morally loose female or any female genital area.
oh skunt!

what the skunt?!

yu in my way, move ya skunt!

don't be a skunt!

I hate him he's such a skunt

West Indian variation: look at dis friggin' mudda cunt!
by Davine August 27, 2007
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The absolute lowest form of female human being. A combination of the most bunkest whore/skank/slut /hoe/tramp/cunt/bitch/cock mongrel/dick licking/pole smoking/Anal seeping/cum gargling/smelliest fish wrinkle/trollop imaginable, im talkin, absolute fuckslut.
"I tagged this skunt, it was like fuckin' a bucket of water."

"I Just slammed this skunt she had the slimiest ham wallet"

"hey! you gave me herpes you skunt"

convo i had with a skunt:
me: "hey skunt suck my dick"
skunt: " sure maiiiin"
me: "im not kissing you you're filthy"
skunt: "yes i know, i love cock"
by Kempton Kulp Incorporated July 26, 2006
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A female who is not only rude to a fault but also resides from a region of such revulsion she can only be described as both a skank and a cunt. A Skunt is generally a female who has bleached out hair with at least 4 inches of dark root showing, believes gauchos are always in style, and is never without her Jibbitzed Crocs. This egregiously outfitted female is best known though to be snobby, shitty, and often times a down right cunt.
Rocky - "I met this girl at the bar the other night and she seemed pretty normal. But when we went on a date she turned out to be a total Skunt."
by F.O.S.F.F. 7O01 July 10, 2015
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Basically a skanky cunt. Any female who would fuck your boyfriend/husband then brag to her other slutty friends about it. Any woman with multiple std's. Most of the women who went to Des Moines East.
Tiff slapped that skunt because she slept with her man.
by Phartman January 12, 2010
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Not to be mistaken for most terms, Skunt is subtle. meaning in fact or refering to someone being a "skanky-cunt". Usually used on women, but this term can for sure be used to describe men as well.

Skunt, Adj. - Someone, who by nature is a total cunt, and border-line is being a slut. This person finds ways around being viewed as skunt by in fact conducting themselves as a skunt. Often conniving, envious, annoyingm,manipulative, and pathetic through there strong points, skunts go by the morals of complete skank in the form of something that appears harmless or even inviting.
My boss is a total skunt

So then I interrupted her with, "skunt please"

Shut your skunt mouth bitch
by craftdinner433 January 24, 2012
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