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stands for Westford Academy Theater Arts.
WATA kids aren't just people who are involved in the WATA program, most of them are way too into it.
symptoms include:
-pretentious and bitchy
-attention whore
-acts like they're too mature for high school or something
-thinks everyone loves them, and they think they're so popular, but in reality, nobody gives a shit about them except other WATA kids and their parents.
-sucks up to teachers and acts too old for their age.
-attends and works at SSPA (the summer version of WATA)
see also: douche bag, cult
"that kid in the WATA sweatshirt just gave me a dirty look...."
"whatever. she's a WATA kid. no one cares."

WATA kids: "we got first place in nationals!!!!"
the rest of the school: "shut the fuck up."
by loveurmusic June 16, 2008
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Pronounced as water

It means you dont care. Just as water rolls off things,Whatever the issue is it rolls off you and it doesnt matter anymore
1.He told me something harsh but it was like wata.

2.I dont really care about the situation because its like wata to me.
by vee/lensay04 October 14, 2007
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What Are (You) Talking About?
It can be also What The (Hell, Fuck) Are You Talking About
A: Mike, we know you killed him!
by .......RIP....... July 12, 2008
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Whats happning, hi, what you up to, what you doing
Yo wata


Or you can say it to a sexy girl... Wata. Meaning what you saying it a flirty way
by Raja heaviz February 22, 2017
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