A Toxic Black Woman with Internalized Misogyny who engages in Black Male Worship. Any Black Woman who doesn't participate in this foolery is seen as self-hating or a feminazi.

Mammy behavior includes:

- Speaking Life into Dusties who do not want to be Men

- Humiliating or prostrating themselves before Dusties

- Agree to go 50/50 on the rent

- Trying too hard to prove that she's "not like the rest of these hoes"

- Being in competition with & even hating their Black Daughters. She's a very stupid and wicked Woman who will always blame Black Girls for being victims of SA or call them "fast", meanwhile, Black Males who prey on them are never held accountable & are seen as victims

- Using Religion to justify why Black Women should be in service to Dusties & tip-toe around their feelings so they won't feel sad or be emasculated by every small thing Women do. The fragile fee-fees of the Man is top priority

- Listens to or overvalues the unsolicited opinions of Dusties in Black Women's business & views it as gospel. To the Mammy, the Black Man is never wrong & entitled to Black Women's spaces

- Basically, will always be seen covering for & enabling problematic things Dusties do. The Mammy is too afraid to hold Black Men accountable for fear of rejection by their Kangz. They believe along with Dusties that only Black Men are victims while everyone else is out to get them
"Girl, a Black Woman on Facebook says that it's our duty as Black Women to give our money to Black Men when they want it and let them cheat on you whenever they want to."

"I've seen her post ish like that plenty of times. She's a big ol Mammy."
by BlackVelvetMara December 20, 2021
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N/V . Used to describe women who baby, coddle, and take care of men in any race or ethnicity. Usually used to describe black women since they are the biggest offenders.
That mammy over there is marching for Black Lives Matter while Tyrone is worshipping YT women.

She left black men to mammy for YT men. When will she learn.
by Divestqueen June 20, 2020
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A term for mother commonly used in Ireland, Scotland and parts of England. It is the same as Mommy or Mummy.
5 year old: Mammy can I have a sweet?
Mam: No.
by BigA1990 June 27, 2018
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The best grandmother in the whole damn world.
Dude, Mammy totally bought me a pony for Christmas.
by Cadaver Chick February 13, 2010
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a derrogatory term often said towards "ghetto" women who are characterized by their black air force ones, large hoop earrings, overuse of makeup, and over-dyed hair.
The ghetto mammy was standing on the street corner waiting for some business.
by C-Dizzizzle May 13, 2009
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Short for Mammoth Tank. Usually used by people playing Command and Conquer Renegade when there are mammoth tanks on the field
RFPuppy: W00t! I built 5 mammys!
by Nikko May 12, 2005
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