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Formerly the Montreal Expos, and because their fans never came to their games, they moved to the nations capital. Things have fared better than most people thought. Chad Cordero led the MLB in saves. They are also the greatest team in baseball.
The Nationals will win the East in 2006.
by Washington Nationals Fan October 29, 2005
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washington, DC's new baseball team. used to be the montreal expos. not too good, but we love them anyway. :D
dude, the nationals lost again last night. same time next week?
by baseballfan May 15, 2005
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A noun short for "Mexican National." Nationals are members of the aristocracy of Mexico who either come to America on vacation primarily to buy everything they see or for permanent residence. Nationals are characterized by quick Spanish speaking, materialism, walkie talkies, children on leashes, heelies, rudeness, and yelling in public. Nationals usually inflict major cities of Texas and other border states.
I want to go to the mall, but it is Easter weekend so I know that all of the Nationals are going to be there.
by Texas Victim April 30, 2011
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Of or relating to the nation.
The President is hired by the government to execute matters of national importance.
by Jon Davis January 13, 2004
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A dismal Major League Baseball team that despite a move from Montreal, still hasn't gotten over the 1994 baseball strike.
Given that the Nationals (then Expos) went 74-40 in 1994 and were tied for the best record in baseball before the strike, the loss of morale led to season after season of dismay.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009
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The ONE and ONLY name for DCA, regardless of what the fucking republican assholes want to rename it.
Yo, I gotta get to Chicago, think you could drive me to National?
by Wdobner March 25, 2004
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