A vote FOR anyone NOT deserving it during the election post hurricane Sandy. Gained by politicians stepping into the spotlight, making promises and playing on the emotions of victims, aka voters, using the disaster for their own benefit.
The polling booths will see a lot of Sandy-votes in 2012.
by jpg3 November 3, 2012
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To smoke an L. Derived from the slogan "Vote for Anthony and smoke an L" This phrase alludes to the latter portion of the slogan.
Yo, you tryin' to "Vote for Anthony" right now?
Yeah, bro, I'm down to vote.
by jameskpolk November 20, 2010
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Any person who makes poor decisions and is likely really stupid.
Look at that guy in the mullet yelling racial slurs while wearing a NASCAR shirt.... Bet he's a Trump vote
by DizzyD1766 March 13, 2016
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when the results from a poll or study are greatly changed because of all the poor people in Africa.
Bob: Did you hear that only 69% of the world owns TV's?

Jim: Ahh, thats the cuz of the Africa Vote!
by crazy_staniel January 23, 2013
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A change in vote based on the attractiveness of the female candidate.
Dude, I thought about voting for Obama, but did you see that VP debate? Palin has got my schwing vote locked up, I could definitely stare at her for the next 4 years.
by Ockman October 6, 2008
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An attempt to scare people into voting. Spoofed hilariously on "South Park" when Stan refused to participate in the latest voting dispute between a liberal-minded giant douche and a conservative-minded turd sandwich, which resulted in him being chased all over town by gun-weilding hoods led by P.Diddy.
Vote or die motherfucker
Motherfucker vote or die
Rock the vote or else I’m gonna stick a knife through your eye

Democracy is founded on one simple rule
Get out there and vote or I will motherfucking kill you

I like it when you vote, bitch
Shake them titties when you vote, bitch
I’ll slam my jimmy through your mouth roof
Now get your big ass in the polling booth

I said vote bitch or I’ll fucking kill you

Vote or die motherfucker
Motherfucker vote or die
Can’t run from a .38, go ahead and try.

Let your opinion be heard
You’ve gotta make a choice
Cause after I slit your throat
You won’t have a fucking voice

Vote or Die
Vote or Die
by Pyro January 20, 2005
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