The best way you have of voicing your opinion in a way that can matter. Nothing's perfect, and there's always going to be mistakes, but there is simply no excuse for not casting a ballot for what you believe in. Take the time to understand the issues and then take the time to vote. Don't let people who aren't going to be around four years from now decide your future. Complaining without voting is worse than any hanging chad.
My conscience is clear because I took the time to vote.

Don't worry about rocking the vote, just vote!
by sharona November 7, 2004
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-U.S.A.'s weapon of mass deception towards those who'd rather not choose a candidate they disagree with. If Hitler and Stalin ran for president some voters would choose Hitler because he's a more dynamic speaker and killed fewer people.
-A process in which, if you don't participate, you are considered unpatriotic, lazy, ignorant, apathetic, and morally unsound despite the fact that voting for a candidate isn't a black or white issue.
-an illusion of power to the people
-something that Chingy, Puff Daddy, Christina Aguilera tell you it's imperative to do (but don't do themselves), and by not telling for whom you should vote they've rendered their arguments inane.
a-I'm not going to vote.
b-WHAT? it's your duty to vote!
a-How is it my right and my duty at the same time?
b-if you don't vote you have no right to complain
a-last time I checked, if you don't vote for a candidate you have every right to complain if they mess up!
b-You need to get out there and vote...make a difference!
a-Okay, who should I vote for?
b-I'm not going to make that choice for for who you want, but get out there and vote.
a-If it's imperative for me to vote then you must tell me for whom I should vote. If it doesn't matter who I vote for then it doesn't matter if I vote. Voting itself has no inherent value. Ignorant and apathetic nonvoters are better than ignorant and apathetic voters!
by jellybene November 3, 2004
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Somthing that happens to useless words, or names of friends that people put in the Urban Dictionary.
Words like "monkeybuttface" and "Rob Perry" have no votes because they're stupid words that nobody cares about.
by adonkeyisaass February 23, 2004
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Urban Dictionary's vote section is basically where cringy 6th grade males and females pour out their feelings for their true love they break up with an hour later, and you cant decide whether to keep it or not.
by I AM THE INTERNET January 17, 2018
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on a specific day, people go to designated areas and cast ballots for their choice of candidates; in other words, "voters" pretend they have a choice in who will do what; "candidates" pretend they act on their own, and instead follow agendas dictated by the ruling elite; this is not cynicism or defeatism, and it is not the polyannish, sugary sweet view either; it is, instead, the way it is; also, a person has the right to vote, or not to vote, and it is not up to the approval or disapproval of another; this word, vote, should not be on the urban dictionary, because it is too politicized, and too much of a page for rants and raves, especially, stupid, racist, low-consciousness ones
I am going to vote, because I like to pretend that by going throught the motions, I have somehow expressed a choice.
by dharmicmel November 4, 2008
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In a system in which you have no real input, this act of casting a ballot is worse than a waste of time - it legitimates the system of power which has excluded you from real decision making in the first place.
Can you believe Johnny is still voting? Doesn't he get it? No matter who you vote for, the government always wins!
by Buenaventura Durruti April 22, 2004
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A way for the government to get us to believe that we are choosing our country's leaders, when in reality, our votes hardly even matter.
At best, my vote can only tie, so why bother? Unless they miscount in Florida...
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