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Awesome cartoon series. Go to www.eskimobob.com
Eskimo Bob... he is cool.
by adonkeyisaass October 12, 2003
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The incorrect way of spelling wordJow/word
Jyou is not how you spel it, its Jow.
by adonkeyisaass October 09, 2003
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Person who has lots of SNs, knows who Drum is, and thinks Mewtwos are cool. Jow is commonly mis-speled "wordJyou/word". Some say the Jow is selfish, while others think its just weird.
I am Jow and I like to throw pinecones at political figures.
by adonkeyisaass October 09, 2003
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A very nice skatepark in New Britain Connecticut, Hardware City contains two street courses, a mini half pipe, and some movable ramps.
I skated at Hardware City yesterday and almost broke my neck front flipping over a fly box.
by adonkeyisaass October 27, 2003
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Intamin AG is a Swiss roller coaster company that have built some of the greatest coasters ever such as the 420 foot tall wordTop Thrill Dragster/word.
Intamin must be on drugs to build such insane rides.
by adonkeyisaass October 13, 2003
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The final chapter in the Matrix Trilogy, the Matrix Revolutions ends the war between humans and the machines.

Despite what the critics say, this is a kickass movie with an incredible fignt at the end between Neo and Agent Smith.
"Neo kicked some serious ass win The Matrix Revolutions.
by adonkeyisaass November 06, 2003
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One who eats only meat, the oppasite of a wordvegetarian/word.
I eat chicken, steak, fish, ham, and most importantly, beef jerky. That is why I'm a Meatetarian
by adonkeyisaass February 09, 2004
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