A sexual act in which the male places a spoonful of baking soda in the tip of his condom, and fucks as hard as he can, causing the condom to break open. The baking soda then mixes with the vaginal vinegar, causing an overflow of foamy magma to spill forth through her pearly gates.
"Dude, wanna see my science project? It's a volcano. Your mom helped me make it."
by FolegAlmighty February 21, 2010
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Verb. While taking a hit of weed through a pipe or bowl, the stoner coughs. The term Volcano refers to the flaming herb and burning ash that is erupted out of the bowl, often burning holes in carpet or even pot head's hair!
My new glass bowl hit so hard, the first three people that hit it volcanoed!
by Pyrologik June 03, 2005
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When taking a bong hit, coughing back into the chamber, causing the bong water to shoot out, making a complete mess.
by styxandstones February 13, 2005
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An opening in the earth's crust in which molten rock, ash, and gases are released.
I wouldn't want to live near an active volcano.
by Aaron Ferber April 09, 2006
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-3/4 glass of sprite or 7up
-1 to 1.5 shots of vodka
-1/4 to 1/2 scoop of 'fruit punch' poweraid powder (amount dependent on cup size)

1) Pour sprite/vodka mixture into a glass or pitcher (if making multiple volcanos) 2) place powder into drinking glass 3) rapidly pour sprite/vodka mixture into drinking glass with powder

Once the sprite/vodka mixes with the powder the drink turns red and starts to fizz out of the glass, something of an eruption takes place. Yell VOLCCCCAAAANNNOOOOO!!! when the eruption begins. VERY messy drink to make.
Your at a house party and your tired of beer and shots.

You set up 10 glasses of volvanos gather everyone around and set off the fireworks. Instant party classic.

Got to love the volcano.
by Ravi-God November 27, 2007
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an act in which, when a fart is coming on, the asshole is elevated into the air either by situating one's self on all fours with shoulders to the floor or by lying on one's shoulders with knees to the ears, causing the asshole to open and remain so. once this state has been achieved, air can be repeatedly sucked in and blasted out, causing a signature sound that is difficult to replicate by other means.
I felt a massive fart coming on and was able to volcano for five minutes straight.
by d-lo-z November 15, 2007
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When you're leaned back on your shoulders with your knees behind your ears lighting a fart and diarrhea comes out after the fart, thus creating the eruption effect.

In order to be a true volcano all three factors need to be present. Gas, diarrhea, and lit flame!!!
"Dude! I almost burned my house down!! Did you see me volcano?"
by DanOAngel April 23, 2009
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