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A fun smoking game to play with a freshly packed pipe or finely rolled blunt. Starts with the person with greens taking a hit and inhaling but not exhaling the smoke. You must wait until the piece/blunt/joint gets back to you before you can blow out the smoke. Failure to wait until its your turn again means your out. Play until the bowl is cashed or the roach is too small. Named because it will cause your eyes to be even redder.
The Best example i can remember. Havent played in forever.

Aaron - Ight here you go!
Matt - Red Eye anyone?
Blake - Hell ya
Austin - WTF?
Chris - ok.

(Matt takes hit and passes it to blake, who passes it to Aaron)
Aaron - DAMN!!! I did a nice ass job rollin this bitch!

Chris - Did you put all 7 grams in it?
Aaron - Nah we got a lil more.
Chris - Shit dawg this purp is the shit! Wait, arent we playin red eye?
Blake - (blows out smoke) Damnit man pass that bitch!!
Matt - (blunt gets back to Matt)....oh shit (violently caughs)
by TXstoner38 July 10, 2009
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One of the greatest drugs out there. It is really MDMA but it has the most appropriate nicknames, Ecstasy. For a couple of hours you feel total euphoria. Here's a story of a time me and some friends were "rollin"

Ok we are at my friends house just chillin, smoken a lot of bud and then we decide to get some tabs (ecstasy). We get them and by thed time we get back to mu friends house (we had to travel to get them) we are feeling it. There are about 8 of us chillen and tokin up. 5 of us popped the tabs. Were all stoned and now some of us are rollin. This started the funniest next hour of my life. One of my friends is playing Wii Tennis but he isnt rollin. By now its like 5 am and we've smoked about an ounce of schwag. One of my friends who is rolling grabs the guitar hero guitar and him just blabbering about it mixed with the way his pupils were dilated (his pupils were fucking HUGE) was absolutly hilarious (you really had to be there). About 6am we decide to go do something, so we drive from North Houston to Galveston. Now when your rolling it seemed like a long ass drive (usually an hour) but it seemed like 10 minutes if that makes sense. When in Galveston we get into a car accident (nothing big, we just clipped a truck when switching lanes. But since we hit a company truck they had to report it and the cops had to come.) Now that was a BUZZ KILL. Nothing happened they filled a report and we were off. We stayed on Crystal Beach until about 1130am. Now were coming down so we head back to Houston. Dropped everyone off, went home and went to bed.

Totally pointless story, but i felt like enlightening everyone on what they might experiance when on E.
Friend 1: (Making guitar noises)...man this is a gorgeous guitar, lets play guitar heo man, i bet i will win. Come on lets play guitar hero

Me: (Looks at him) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude shut the fuck up LOL

Friend who isnt rolling: LOL dude quiet down, i know you dont know your talking so damn loud couse your rollin...but damn quiet down!

Friend 1: Im a sooo sorry man, please forgive me man.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA DAMN DUDE your eyes are so fuckin BIG!!

Friend 1: Dude...

Me: OMG i just realized...i feel like this experiance has bonded us closer together.

Friend 1: I know dude, holy shit, WOW...huh?

Me: (What is said above)

Friend: Oh yea totally borhter man. I LOVE ECSTASY!!!
by TXstoner38 August 02, 2009
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Adj - To drop acid, eat shrooms, and pop ecstasy at the same time. An absolute incredible time. Proves that you are indeed a professional druggie.
John: Dude, so you guys guna get that acid soon?
Blake: What if you eat shrooms?
John: That'd be fun
Blake: And take a quad stack exo?!
John: nah dude i can get you pure MDMA
Matt: Whats that called again?
John: Jedi dude!
by TXstoner38 September 01, 2009
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A gift from god. The volcano vaporizer is probly the greatest device i have used to smoke. It shoots hot air upwards towards the bud and causes the THC to "vaporize" into a plastic bag in seconds. Or you can use a 9 ft bag like we did one time. Just place lips on mouthpiece of the bag and inhale. It is also one of the safest ways to get high. Even after just one normal bag will get you blazed. The cool thing too is that it doesnt burn the weed. It just removes the THC which in turn turns the bud brown. Its nasty to smoke the leftovers and doesnt really get you high. But you can turn that into hash.
Dude 1: Volcano dude is home!
Dude 2: Hell ya lets get fuckin throwed
Dude 3: Imma call him
(Everyone goes in and all 5 people get their own bag)
Everyone: DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by TXstoner38 July 14, 2009
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A person from Texas. All you other stereotypical fuckers get your ass down here and soon yall will quit talkin shit.

Texans do NOT ride horses to work, we drive the same cars you do. Except we do have big ass trucks unlike you guys.

Yes some Texans wear cowboy hats, but thats just part of Texas history and some people's tradition. And not all Texans are rednecks. Texans are also educated, as Texas is home to a number of prestigious schools. And Texans do NOT commit insest.

So now all you assholes who have never been here to Texas, shut the fuck up. I dare yall to come down here and say the shit you say on here. Your ass is gunna get shot after you get your ass whooped.
New Yorker: Why are we takin a road trip to Texas?
New Yorker 2: Cuz my aunt lives there and im guna visit her

(They get to Houston)

New Yorker 1: OMG ITS SO FUCKING HOT!!! DUDE that guy is wearing a cowboy hat, what a faggot!!
(Texan hears him)
New Yorker 2: Shit dude were fucked.
New Yorker 1: Why whats he guna...(gets knocked out)
Texan: Little bitch talk shit again i'll fuckin shoot your pathetic pansy ass.
by TXstoner38 July 15, 2009
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