a guy who pulls 7 lasses in one night in the same location.
this person is named 7up
by Rob Dolan May 30, 2007
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it is the after effect of completing an orgy with 7 "dwarfs"
we all know what snow white did in that cup!!
by Count Cracular May 21, 2004
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A type of sweet fizzy drink, usually drunken during hot days
I would like a chicken steak with rice and a 7Up please
by Plasma Knight November 6, 2018
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dat dude wit da afro n shit keepin it real selling da juice.
all yall white women wanna thrill fuck da seven up guy yeeh!
by 50 cent crack dealer July 18, 2003
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The absolute worst soft drink, or any drink for that matter, in the entire universe. Probably even worse then urine, semen, and mung in a blender.
"Aw man, is that 7up plus? God you're a gay buns face"
by Skyler the gay kid August 1, 2006
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When a guy refuses to date a girl that's below a 7.
Johhny has high standards for girls he goes by the 7up rule
by jumpman98 February 20, 2016
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