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To knowingly commit an act that is characteristic of a virgin.
You missed the group tequila shot, way to virginate.

WOW! You didn't take her upstairs? Way to virginate.

Stop virginating and go talk to her.
by jb93 June 07, 2014
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To be virginated means for the Internet Service Provider to have censored you're website. When a site is virginated it is no longer accessible to users of that provider causing them to have to search and use yet another proxy eliminating the point of said censorship.
"Aw damn, they virginated that piratebay proxy site i was using. Time to google another. I wonder if they'll virginate google eventually!"
by DrEldon April 28, 2013
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When a kid is raised by ultra-religious parents to believe that sex is bad. While the parents think they're protecting the kid, they are unknowingly "virginating" the child, making it so that the poor kid wont get any action for a long, long time. The kid will usually eventually get some, but only after 25-30 years at least.
Mother: Jimmy don't be attracted to a woman because you should be ashamed of your natural anatomy and bodily functions. And i swear if i catch u masturbating i will cut ur fucking dick off!!
Kid: Dude check out that bitch virginate that dude.
Other kid: Sad, sad story.
by MJ Kip March 14, 2006
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