A virgin woman that takes in the butt and still claims her purity, acting like Jesus would not mind.
Girl: No sex before marriage.
Guy: But girl, I gotta nut
Girl: You can put it back here pointing to her back-side. After all, I am a virgin.
Guy: Yeah, a Virgin Mary.
by Reparate Me September 15, 2006
When a guy blows his load into his hand and then fingers a girl with the same hand posing a chance of getting her prego without having intercourse
Dan: yea i came into my hand and after wiping it off i fingered her

Justin: Damn Dan she may be a virgin mary now
by DaValora June 20, 2010
Our blessed mother. Has appeared in Fatama, on grilled cheese, and many other places. Her son is Jesus Christ.
by poops June 30, 2005
a non-alcoholic beverage with tomato juice , pepper, and celery.
I really wanted a bloody mary, but I was driving, so I ordered a virgin mary.
by Lipstick November 1, 2004
The Mother of God, She is also a Saint in Heaven. She gave birth to Christ the Lord in the first century while She was still a Virgin.
by cjob September 27, 2005
My mother. No, she wasn't white either, plus she was all wrinkly and shit by the time I was 30. Stupid Renaissance painters, always making her look like a teenager...for My Dad's sake, she was like 48 at the time. You were lucky to live to My age in the early A.D. years. Take a look at the paintings of Caravaggio for a more accurate depiction, minus the fact that he painted us all white.
There is more about the Virgin Mary in the Qu'ran than there is in the Bible itself.
by Black Jesus March 29, 2005
1)Mother of Jesus Christ.
2)Often appears to the people (when I say people, I mean the Mexicans) in the form of Tortillas.
3)A very smart woman...
4)Possibly the most popular figure or icon on the Catholic faith, since the Catholic faith does not have a history of empowering women, so she's a nice example for all ladies, isn't she???
5)Mary the Virgin, not Mary Magdalene. Can't confuse them. Two different stories. The other one is a whore.
"Oh my God, it's a miracle! The Virgin Mary appeared to me in my freezer!"
by @n@rchist June 22, 2008