To cut someones jugular vein, and let the blood pour out in a vicous tormenting manor.
Im going to tomato juice you if you dont shut up!
by Black Flash August 14, 2006
when a transgender male has his period, it is called tomato juice.
"Yeah, I just got my tomato juice.." 👦 says.
by mr fooky funk July 18, 2021
"leaking tomato juice" a way to aska girl if she is having her period without making her satb you or if your just taking with freinds
"holly but fucker my girl freind is so bitchy lately she must be leaking her tomato juice"

girl freind:holy fuck can u get of your lazy ass and do something you stupid donky cock

boy freind:huny please put the knif ummm by eny chnce are you leking your tomato juice
by lmab boy May 6, 2006
the impossible act implies that a person is not knowing what he or she is talking about...
you dont know what your talking about ,your sucking tomato juice up your ass!!
by hippiemick March 3, 2010