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America's Best Dance Crew is an American show aired on MTV featuring some of the best street dancers and choreographies you'll ever see in your life. It will seriously blow your mind. Seriously.
It is a WELL KNOW FACT that the show is produced by that judge on American Idol Randy Jackson, it is hosted by Mario Lopez, and the judges are former N'SYNC member JC Chasez, rapper Lil' Mamma and hip hop choreographer Shane Sparks.
Random person #1: "Are you saying that America's best Dance Crew is just a show?"
Random person #2: "Yes, sadly..."
Random person #3: "Whaaaat? There should be a 24 hour network of that, of people dancing like that!!! Because it's freaking awesome!!! I no longer have a brain!!!"

JC Chasez and Mario Lopez are cool again?? I guess that's the effect that MTV has on people...


Random Person #4: "Be afraid... Be very afraid!"
by @n@rchist June 21, 2008
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1)Mother of Jesus Christ.
2)Often appears to the people (when I say people, I mean the Mexicans) in the form of Tortillas.
3)A very smart woman...
4)Possibly the most popular figure or icon on the Catholic faith, since the Catholic faith does not have a history of empowering women, so she's a nice example for all ladies, isn't she???
5)Mary the Virgin, not Mary Magdalene. Can't confuse them. Two different stories. The other one is a whore.
"Oh my God, it's a miracle! The Virgin Mary appeared to me in my freezer!"
by @n@rchist June 22, 2008
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