the best bitch you will ever know !!!!!!!!!
viola is always the best fucken person in a friendship group
by youcantfuckwithmeayyy January 03, 2018
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Violas are very loud and energetic. They hold a grudge very easily and are kind of salty. Violas tend to get excited easily and are always happy. She is adored by people due to her looks and her contagious personality. She is very funny and has a very cute laugh. Violas tend to make impulsive decisions and do not think them through. Be careful, the results are sometimes disastrous. She is very bold and unique. She has beautiful eyes. She does not get offended easily. If someone is insulted she will stand up for them and take the blame. She is strong willed and determined. She is a friend for life and a great companion. Even though she tends to hold on to the past a little bit, all she needs is a push! If you have a Viola in your life, you know how much of a handful she is. Violas always think with their heart. Her spunky, energetic, cool, sweet, personality could win anyone over. They're the perfect friend and will stand up for you no matter what.
Viola is my dude.
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by Pizzacorn June 19, 2019
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A 4 stinged instrument that looks like a violin, only it isn't often times it is mistaken for one by someone of lower education backrounds. It is the only instrument that plays in the auto cleff on a regular basis. Violist tend to play only rhythm (never melody). There are no good solos for violas. Violist tend to be the butt of most unfunny instrument jokesand can be substituted for a third violins section.
~Man, can you hear that awsome viola section?
~oh ok good neither could I
by Chan August 26, 2003
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A terrible instrument. No one likes the viola and it is extremely cringe-worthy. The true heros of the orchestra is the violins and cellos. Violas just try to be cool like them by playing low notes (like a cello) and being a small instrument.
Gross, is she a viola player? Well, that sucks that she has like 6 other people to play with her.
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by bgtnhymju December 10, 2016
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" she's my best friend"
'no viola don't touch me there!'
by O December 06, 2003
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Viola defines someone beautiful and kind.But it is an unusual name so tell Viola she has a wonderful name.
Person: Hey, I like your name.
by emsnot2clever February 12, 2018
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A wooden box that originated in the 16th century made to sound like a dying cat. Often times the cat can be removed from the box, leaving behind the skeleton of a violin.
Someone please stab that viola!
by relievetheworldofviolas October 30, 2012
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