A wannabe violin. Snuggled safely between the violin section and the cello section, violists know that their terrible playing will definitely be drowned out. In fact, you will NEVER hear violas on a digital recording because degital recording has become so advanced that all extraneous noise is eliminated. =)
How many viola players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None. They can't get that high!
by th3samiam September 14, 2006
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An instrument played by people who aren't any good at the violin and never will be.
There's a lot more violin concerti than Viola concerti because Violas aren't as good as violins.
by Charlie March 26, 2005
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An adolescent. Derived from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, specifically from Malvolio's description of Viola in Act 1 Scene 5: "Not yet old enough for a man, nor young enough for a boy..."
"How old is your son?"
"Oh, he's a Viola."
by Zach F August 27, 2007
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A wooden box that originated in the 16th century made to sound like a dying cat. Often times the cat can be removed from the box, leaving behind the skeleton of a violin.
Someone please stab that viola!
by relievetheworldofviolas October 30, 2012
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n.- a coffin with the dead person on the outside
-Did you hear about the dyslexic mortician last week?
-Yea, i heard he made another violist
by Anonymous September 28, 2004
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1. what you say when you do something right, pronounced wa-la! Italian or Latin in origin I thinks

2. an instrument, like a small violin, but sounds kinda like a cello. go figure.
1. Viola! I have finished my model car.

2. Jerry plays the viola in band class.
by zomgwtflolbbq February 22, 2008
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A Viola is the world's smallest type of violin. Violins can only be as small as 11 inches in length according to traditional production methods. A Viola is by definition the worlds smallest violin as a Viola has been procuced at just 2 inches in length.
'Im playing the worlds smallest violin for you' in sarcasticly sympathetic reference to a mild misfortune someone encounters. This is a misnomer, you would actually be playing a (Viola).
by mikeybo July 09, 2010
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