A mental illness that makes you feel like a third degree burn victim to emotions. Stands for Borderline Personality Disorder and is characterized by 9 diagnostic characteristics. People who suffer are often very intelligent, but low functioning due to impulsive decision making and suicidal gestures.
"Why is Grace always leaving school?"
"She's in a mental hospital, she has BPD."
by girly2580 June 16, 2017
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Bpd means beautiful princess disorder, its diagnosed to the prettiest princesses around town. Trust me on this one folks !!
“Hey stacy, how are you ?”

“Im so mentally stable its insane!! I have bpd beautiful princess disorder. Im so clear pilled i can see through the matrix”
by Cheetoe33 August 12, 2023
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I believe this refers to 'Borderline personality disorder' or so I've been told.
This is a mental disorder that is characterised by turbulant relationships with others. BPDs often instigate arguements just for the sake of the conflict.
by Eifflull June 25, 2006
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BPD stands for ‘Big Penis Disease’.
“You have BPD? Damn, that must be hard, man. I’m so sorry to hear that. Whatever you went through must have been rough.”

“Haha. Yeah. It sure is hard. Haha. Haha. Ha.”
by I actually have BPD. January 13, 2021
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Backwards-parked doucher: Someone who parks backwards and is a total douche about it, often times playing loud douche music as they pull in.
Hey, look at that doucher in the parking lot. What a BPD!
by Obamaniqua245uhh May 16, 2010
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It stands for the booty police department and it's often misunderstood by millennials as the abbreviation of borderline personality disorder because the Illuminati wants us to forget the true nature of booty and how much trouble it can cause on the streets.
"Damn shawty, dat booty be makin' hella trouble on the streets that I might call the BPD"
by lightskineinstein October 19, 2018
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