A Viola is the world's smallest type of violin. Violins can only be as small as 11 inches in length according to traditional production methods. A Viola is by definition the worlds smallest violin as a Viola has been procuced at just 2 inches in length.
'Im playing the worlds smallest violin for you' in sarcasticly sympathetic reference to a mild misfortune someone encounters. This is a misnomer, you would actually be playing a (Viola).
by mikeybo July 09, 2010
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big fat hairy beast who smells like the bottom of a donkeys ballsack covered with festering maggots...often has no teeth and is huge!
by TYLER . August 29, 2008
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A terrible instrument. No one likes the viola and it is extremely cringe-worthy. The true heros of the orchestra is the violins and cellos. Violas just try to be cool like them by playing low notes (like a cello) and being a small instrument.
Gross, is she a viola player? Well, that sucks that she has like 6 other people to play with her.
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by bgtnhymju December 10, 2016
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A big violin, invented in order to make violins feel like they're any good.
Violin 1: Hey dude, you know what's the difference between a viola and a vacuum cleaner?
Violin 2: I don't, what is it?
Violin 1: You have to turn the vacuum cleaner ON before it can SUCK
by PerMusicalShnookie August 13, 2015
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A: What is a viola?
B: what do you mean?
A: I’m asking what a viola is
B: you’re crazy. Maybe you mean violin
by The best that there is April 19, 2018
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