Purple in Italian.

An instrument that has a G-string like the violin.
violinist: Hey my G string is out of tune can, someone play it for me?
violist: Sure
violinist: A viola doesn't have a G-string.
violist: Yes we do
violist plays the G-string.
by Viola/Violin January 2, 2009
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The second best instrument in a orchestra, probably the least favored or important. It looks quite like a violin, only slightly larger, and deeper. (Second highest string instrument.) Violists are rare in an orchestra, and some don't even have a viola section. None the less, if you want to stand out and play a majorly kick ass instrument, play the viola!
Violinst: "Violas are stupid!"
TheOnlyBlackFox/Violist: *Shoves bow straight up ass, for it to come of the violinist's mouth*
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The greatest girl you'll ever meet, Viola will stand by you forever, even though she's gone through some shit, she has some weird kinks, however she is always open to trying new things, If you date a Viola, you're the luckiest guy in the world.
"Did you see Viola yesterday?"
"Yeah, her boyfriend is super lucky."
by titus37definz July 20, 2022
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Viola is the best person to have in your life.

If you have a Viola in your life, be sure to hold on to them tight, they are the most valuable friend to have.
"Wow, she's such a Viola."

"Yeah, I wish she was my friend."
by Aurora Quincy December 20, 2018
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One time a Viola came into my life
the second I saw ere, knew she was my wife
I saw her walking down the street,

her booty volumptious she made me so weak
forgot how to speak, said "help" and "meep- meep"
she looked me in the eyes so deep, Viola a freak ;)

Kids, what can I say, Viola was/is gay!!!
Rudolphf: wow, did you see that truck??
Milena: yeah, that was that volumptious butt of Viola that stud.
by dumpy_trucky November 20, 2021
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chill and moody. Good music taste and good taste in food. Good taste in fashion too. Viola is pronounced VE-OlA. Not Vi-ola. Not a violin.
"Viola is cool"
by JuleESES May 3, 2022
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Viola is so so precious if you treat her with kindness and respect. She is very shy but she loves meet new friends. Viola is of course obsessed with coffee (she can drink five or six cups in a day) and music (especially One Direction, Arctic Monkeys and girl in red).

But she is paranoid: Viola always thinks about details and if you don't reply her for more than five/ten minuts she thinks that she did something wrong or that you hate her. Please reply to her.
She's a bit jelous but she's romantic and sweet with her parters (basically she likes girls).

When she's down she listen to a playlist called: "i just wanna drown in my tears" or a one called: "two hearts in one home" (a larry thing) cause when she's sad she obviusly have to be more sad.

Viola loves to read fanfictions on wattpad and she writes stories sometimes, if she's in love with you she writes about you on her notebook.

She loves to talk to the moon about everything and she definitly prefer the night, cause she loves calm and the sound of the music (especially zayn's music) at night.

In conclusion she's not the best person in the world but she is the kind of person who can give you the world.
for example you can send to her: "Hi Viola, how are you? Do you want to listen to one direction under the stars tonight?"
by alllouslittlethings November 20, 2021
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