The Viola is the second highest instrument in the string orchestra, and it is bigger than a violin. Although, it is often mistakenly thought as a violin. The strings from highest to lowest, are A4, D4, G3, and C3. It is also tuned in fifths, and reads Alto clef.
“Woah, is that a violin?”
*Violist smacks person.*
“No you idiot, it’s a viola.”
by AShortDoubleBassist December 25, 2019
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Origin: the accidental but humorous mispronunciation of “voila” during an online war of words between frenemies. It is always written in italics.

The word has now been reappropriated as an ironic double meaning utilized within the setting online feuds, real or imagined:

1. Used purposefully to point out someone’s misspelling (you will find it often used by the spelling police on social media)

2. Applied to mock an argument the user finds nonsensical, irrational, preposterous or simply too long to read (TLDR) and does not wish to respond to meaningfully.
“Wow, you are such an idoit

idoit Viola

{insert very lengthy text without spacing on why women should exclusively wear skirts}

I did not have sexual relations with that woman

by Incy Wincy January 14, 2021
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Viola is the best person to have in your life.

If you have a Viola in your life, be sure to hold on to them tight, they are the most valuable friend to have.
"Wow, she's such a Viola."

"Yeah, I wish she was my friend."
by Aurora Quincy December 20, 2018
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The black sheep, adopted fat kid of the string family. Violins rule.
P1: What do you play?
P2: ...viola...
P1: Oh, ew.
P3: I play the violin.
P1: Make my babies.
by violinists_rule February 22, 2016
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An instrument nobody knows off in an orchestra and thinks is a violin. It is also one of two instruments that uses alto cleff.
I play the viola
Don't you mean violin
No I mean viola
by Average violist and gamer April 14, 2022
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A musical instrument used by low iq musicans
I saw you are playing the violin
No silly i play viola

by Mr.JazzMusician January 29, 2020
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A: What is a viola?
B: what do you mean?
A: I’m asking what a viola is
B: you’re crazy. Maybe you mean violin
by The best that there is October 24, 2017
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