Larger than the violin but smaller than the cello. It sounds sort of chocolaty, but playing it is difficult because it's range is fit in an instrument like 30 % too small. Like the 2nd best instrument in the orchestra, behind cello. Often underappreciated, but it's really one of the best instruments out there. Violists themselves are quite eccentric- a big bundle of different personalaties.
The violas like to call themselves the meat of the orchestra sandwich, which basically means that they like to hide under the pieces of bread rather than call too much attention to themselves. Violists have to struggle with an instrument whose range is forced into a sounding body of air which is perhaps 30 percent smaller than the acoustically appropriate volume. This makes for a constant quest for the ideal viola sound (which some would say would be the viola sitting in its case) and the distinct air of the absent-minded professor amongst violists. If you need someone to fix your computer, start with the viola section.
by Rai-Medo April 05, 2011
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Origin: the accidental but humorous mispronunciation of β€œvoila” during an online war of words between frenemies. It is always written in italics.

The word has now been reappropriated as an ironic double meaning utilized within the setting online feuds, real or imagined:

1. Used purposefully to point out someone’s misspelling (you will find it often used by the spelling police on social media)

2. Applied to mock an argument the user finds nonsensical, irrational, preposterous or simply too long to read (TLDR) and does not wish to respond to meaningfully.
β€œWow, you are such an idoit”

idoit Viola

{insert very lengthy text without spacing on why women should exclusively wear skirts}

β€œI did not have sexual relations with that woman”

by Incy Wincy January 14, 2021
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A orchestra instrument which can actually get a college education! Violin people only make fun of the viola because they have no talent and viola people are smart asses :D
Violist~Hey can you pass me my viola?
Violinist~Sure but wait
Violinst~What is the longest viola joke?
Violist~Harold in Italy!I've heard this dumb as joke so many times!People like you can't even invent one so they use the same dumb ass one!
by leo15390 October 03, 2009
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probably the second best instrument, tied with the bass and beatenn by the cello, in the orchestra. unlike the violin, violas have sweet medium sound that, quite honestly, shouldn't be neglected so much by people. And because viola players are hard come upon, you don't even need that much skill to get a job teaching, get into an orchastra, etc because there isn't much competition.
Goerge plays the viola, and even though he charges 2 times a normal pirce for music lessons, he still gets students, because he's the only viola teacher in the district.
by monster_by_mistake_achoo! February 23, 2009
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Purple in Italian.

An instrument that has a G-string like the violin.
violinist: Hey my G string is out of tune can, someone play it for me?
violist: Sure
violinist: A viola doesn't have a G-string.
violist: Yes we do
violist plays the G-string.
by Viola/Violin January 01, 2009
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The second best instrument in a orchestra, probably the least favored or important. It looks quite like a violin, only slightly larger, and deeper. (Second highest string instrument.) Violists are rare in an orchestra, and some don't even have a viola section. None the less, if you want to stand out and play a majorly kick ass instrument, play the viola!
Violinst: "Violas are stupid!"
TheOnlyBlackFox/Violist: *Shoves bow straight up ass, for it to come of the violinist's mouth*
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