Viola defines someone beautiful and kind.But it is an unusual name so tell Viola she has a wonderful name.
Person: Hey, I like your name.
by emsnot2clever February 16, 2018
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A beautiful talented person who likes drawing, dancing and writing. She's unique and she deserves everything.
X: who's that lonely girl?
Y: she's a Viola
by xtiffanyblewsx May 29, 2018
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Viola is a very smart, brave, and beautiful girl. She has all the guys attract to her like a magnet. She is insecure at times, but also can be proud of who she is. She is usually unique and can be confident around her crushes. Kind of a player, but she doesn't care. She loves attention, compliments, and feeling loved. She has the best friends that will stick up for her but also bully her to make her used to the negative remarks people will say about her.
"Man, Viola is so attractive."
"I know dude. Too bad she's dating a football player."
by viola-rawr June 06, 2018
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A sweet women who likes to cook and loves to swim. She will listen to your problems and answer them in a understanding way. She tends to ramble about her work and sometimes you end up losing your appetite but it's okay because she's is always there for you. She will watch bachelor with you and giggle a lot. She also likes cheap ramen and dollar stores. She loves tomatos and gardening. If you have a Viola in your life enjoy the personally and fun times while it lasts.
by TofuRamenDaiso😜 September 16, 2017
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A: What is a viola?
B: what do you mean?
A: I’m asking what a viola is
B: you’re crazy. Maybe you mean violin
by The best that there is April 19, 2018
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voila for illiterate wannabe smartasses
Buying a home doesn't mean you simply look for home and viola that's it. (Promotional text)
by No more drama April 05, 2008
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A 4 stinged instrument that looks like a violin, only it isn't often times it is mistaken for one by someone of lower education backrounds. It is the only instrument that plays in the auto cleff on a regular basis. Violist tend to play only rhythm (never melody). There are no good solos for violas. Violist tend to be the butt of most unfunny instrument jokesand can be substituted for a third violins section.
~Man, can you hear that awsome viola section?
~oh ok good neither could I
by Chan August 26, 2003
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