a cute girl who seems strong and independent but has gone through a lot and is actually broken inside. she has a great sense of humour and can also be selfish sometimes. she has amazing fashion sense and the best taste in music. she's savage and has the best roasts but also cares about your feelings. she could ruin your life, so you're lucky if she likes you. she's an amazing friend and always ready to have fun.
Viola is an amazing girl!
by daqueenvi July 04, 2017
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An undeservedly ignored symphony orchestra instrument, larger than a violin but smaller than a cello. You read the music in the alto clef, but occasionally the music can go up into treble clef range. Has a warm, velvety kind of tonal quality.
Hector Berlioz's "Harold in Italy" is a concerto for viola and symphony orchestra.
by pentozali January 22, 2014
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A: What is a viola?
B: what do you mean?
A: I’m asking what a viola is
B: you’re crazy. Maybe you mean violin
by The best that there is October 24, 2017
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The Viola is the second highest instrument in the string orchestra, and it is bigger than a violin. Although, it is often mistakenly thought as a violin. The strings from highest to lowest, are A4, D4, G3, and C3. It is also tuned in fifths, and reads Alto clef.
β€œWoah, is that a violin?”
*Violist smacks person.*
β€œNo you idiot, it’s a viola.”
by AShortDoubleBassist December 25, 2019
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The black sheep, adopted fat kid of the string family. Violins rule.
P1: What do you play?
P2: ...viola...
P1: Oh, ew.
P3: I play the violin.
P1: Make my babies.
by violinists_rule February 22, 2016
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voila for illiterate wannabe smartasses
Buying a home doesn't mean you simply look for home and viola that's it. (Promotional text)
by No more drama April 05, 2008
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A beautiful talented person who likes drawing, dancing and writing. She's unique and she deserves everything.
X: who's that lonely girl?
Y: she's a Viola
by xtiffanyblewsx April 22, 2018
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