It's shit
What did the cellos say to the violas? You're shit.
by sacreligious violinist December 7, 2018
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An instrument that is used by people who actually have skill, unlike those wussy violins.

viola player:, you have NO talent.
by (****Somebody****) November 15, 2005
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Viola defines someone beautiful and kind.But it is an unusual name so tell Viola she has a wonderful name.
Person: Hey, I like your name.
by emsnot2clever February 12, 2018
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A orchestra instrument which can actually get a college education! Violin people only make fun of the viola because they have no talent and viola people are smart asses :D
Violist~Hey can you pass me my viola?
Violinist~Sure but wait
Violinst~What is the longest viola joke?
Violist~Harold in Italy!I've heard this dumb as joke so many times!People like you can't even invent one so they use the same dumb ass one!
by leo15390 October 3, 2009
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Purple in Italian.

An instrument that has a G-string like the violin.
violinist: Hey my G string is out of tune can, someone play it for me?
violist: Sure
violinist: A viola doesn't have a G-string.
violist: Yes we do
violist plays the G-string.
by Viola/Violin January 1, 2009
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The second best instrument in a orchestra, probably the least favored or important. It looks quite like a violin, only slightly larger, and deeper. (Second highest string instrument.) Violists are rare in an orchestra, and some don't even have a viola section. None the less, if you want to stand out and play a majorly kick ass instrument, play the viola!
Violinst: "Violas are stupid!"
TheOnlyBlackFox/Violist: *Shoves bow straight up ass, for it to come of the violinist's mouth*
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A beautiful talented person who likes drawing, dancing and writing. She's unique and she deserves everything.
X: who's that lonely girl?
Y: she's a Viola
by xtiffanyblewsx April 22, 2018
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