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Similar to the ^_^ face, it can denote super happiness, pride, or just cuteness, depending on its usage.
"I aced the final exam! ^-^"


"Hey, cutie, you want to hang out tonight? ^-^"
by yourface is a pseudonym November 14, 2011

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A loquacious, ridiculously intelligent, sometimes obnoxious, egregious smartass. The most awesome individual to (dub)step on this earth and say "Sweet Jesus, what the hell is wrong with humanity?" A person who is so versatile in their personality that you will never really figure them out. A gentleman of fortune to the likes of which shall not been seen ever again.
"Who the hell is Vinnie?"
"If you have to ask who Vinnie is, GTFO."
by yourface is a pseudonym October 15, 2011

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