The most generous and lovely guy you will ever meet. He will be there for you all the time, he will comfort you in times of need and also whenever he is going out with someone he will know the best way to make them feel happy and loved if you ever meet a Vinnie make sure to keep him around he will always be willing to help and cheer you up if your sad.
girl#1 you are just like a Vinnie
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by idk anymore99988 January 16, 2019
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A local word used in the Greater Toronto Area, used as a verb meaning "to cum in one's pants."
Guy: I was making out with Laura last night and I Vinnied. It was embarrassing.

Girl: Why did you break up with your boyfriend?
Girl 2: He Vinnied.

Guy: Man, when WoW Cataclysm comes out, I'm gonna Vinnie.
by Captain J. Pants November 05, 2010
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is a guy who gets pussy all day long.. and is a playa and pimp... and also has a gigantic cock!!!!
vinnie fucked a girl an hour a go, and later on goes back home to his wife...
by vinnie the gigantic January 14, 2008
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dumb or forgetful could even mean drunk
ohhh i forgot my sisters birthday i just pulled a vinnie

im going to tonys to get vinnied
by frankoooou March 19, 2008
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most vinnies are a shortened name for vincent but if you are lucky enough to just be named vinnie then you are quite rare.

fierce and determined always wanting to be the best and striving to be.have a mellow nature and make awesome friends.outgoing and love to party.vinnies are hot hot hot and girls always think theyre sooo sexy
they take pride in their appearance so they always look good.they are polite and well manered.make the best lovers and know how to treat a woman.
girl damn is that a sex god over there

girls mate yep thats vinnie
by thesavagereturns February 04, 2010
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Some one who is really nice and fun to get to know. He seems too good to be true. He is only good for about 3 dates and then you dont get together anymore. Usually gives up on everything. Everything is going great one day, then the next he is totally different from the day before. He changes his mind a lot. He is in love with baseball and hockey. He chooses sports over women. He talks to one person and then on to the next one just like that. He is very sketch.
Girl 1:Why did he just give up on our relationship?
Girl 2:Because he pulled a Vinnie.

Boy 1:Dude, you change your mind too much.
Boy 2:Sorry. I'm just acting like a Vinnie.
by balletdncr4lfe March 14, 2010
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A fuck boy who has a bad sense of fashion and purchases all of their cloths from St Vincent de Paul's.
Person 1 - Oi did you see that fucking vinnies down at the courts. Person 2 - Yeah I fuckin staunched the cunt.
by Eshayz Lad April 10, 2016
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