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A bunch of girls who are probably pretty nice, except for the ones who freak easily and have to make petty comments about Notre Dame, grow up and don't put down the fact that people put stuff on because you are obviously reading it, we caught you, you're guilty, so suck it and stop pretending you are something else. <3 second of all you ladies arent even considered the main line, you are simply out there and forgotten along with devon, so don't kid yourself- NDA girls don't all drive the same car and there are probably people who are richer and hotter, but they sure as hell aren't at villa or anywhere near there because the common person knows that things get uglier the closer they get to villa maria. You have no serious boyfriends or "flings" because ladies, Cropped shirts went out in the 90s get real, no one wears A&F and BCBG Max Azaria at villa. Im happy to know that you girls know what Lacoste and Vera Bradley is...but even so, how cliche, DuWop lip venom? is that the only thing you have to show your, as you like to put it "class", what a word...i like the way you use it...trash is the only thing that comes to my mind.... please stop with these comments and we will too, because you really did the honors and took this to the next level and really should have had the maturity to not even make a comment, please take notice- you started the fight...Have fun when you get to that great college of yours, have you ever heard of the freshman 30? well you'll get really familiar with it soon enough. You may hate us but your "boyfriends" don't
"I try and pretend that people who put stuff on are losers... Oh well, I guess I'll just post this comment on the internet"
by just calm down March 21, 2005
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Generally, all the girls at villa are huge beersluts and have nothing better to do with their lives than spend it completely fucked up with their mouth on some guy's dick e.g every senior at that school. It's pretty sad that you guys consider yourselves outstanding and different in a good way, because everybody just likes to get u fucked up and take advantage of you. Have fun wasting your life and carrying around those STDs.
"what are we going to do tonight?"
"get fucked up and hook up with dudes. that's what we always do."
"i mean in addition to that."
"is there anything else to do?"
by you know who this is April 04, 2005
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