Nondisclosure agreement
"Sorry, I'd tell you about it, but we're still under a NDA."
by josh March 2, 2004
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Non disclosure agreement

When you have done bad things and you and the CEO don't want people to know so you try and push a woman into signing an NDA
Hi I'm Mr Matturbation. I can't believe you won't drop this lawsuit. Sign the NDA FFS so my wife will believe my bullshit.
by Allegedly... October 18, 2019
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New Dick Alert

Coined by Vinyl Kid and Nasty C
You girl don't give you attention no more cause I'm the NDA
by Pussyballs March 14, 2017
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not down anymore. when a girl loses interest in a loser.
"That guy is a loser dude, she's NDA. I'm going to make a move"
by pete1234567890 August 18, 2011
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Nintendo Direct Announcement. An exclusively online showcase which highlights the latest Nintendo news and new games. Not to be confused with a non-disclosure agreement.
Fans hope there will be an NDA next month.
by Cloud McCloud August 26, 2020
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No Dicks Attached, used to refer to a group of gay males that are part of a all male swingers group.
Cabman 1"I'm NDA"
Cabman 2"me to lets fuck"
by Steve05 October 17, 2010
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