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Bon Chic Bon Genre.. A french term meaning good taste or style, referring to clothing. Similiar to our preppy.. it also is a store that sells moderately high end clothes, shoes, and handbags.
The new girl at school is BCBG

I got the cutest purse at BCBG
by Sally The Ragdoll June 30, 2005
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The french expression "Bon chic, bon genre" describes the conservative, elegantly dressed look of the upper middle class (well-off bourgeoisie) and their air of respectability. A modern tastefulness and moderate luxury, but not to the extent of "tres elegant haute couture." (very elegant top handmade clothing) and generally more sophisticate than the american version of "preppy."

literally: "Good style, good class."

Also, BCBG (the brand x Max Azria) is one of the longest castings to wait for during NYC fashion week so they often give out gift bags with snacks and makeup.
C'est tres bcbg! / That's so bcbg!

O ouai, j'adore! / Ya, I love it!
by ohso06 April 12, 2011
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the French phrase bon chic, bon genre, a Parisian slang meaning good style, good attitude
"nice boots" could be "those boots are so bcbg"
by Chloe December 19, 2003
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Acronym in French slang - "Bon chic, bon genre"

Used to describe something or someone that is very chic/hip, very 'now'. N.B. Can also be used disparingly for a fashion victim.

Alternative meaning (used more often by French gay men) - "Beau cul, belle gueule"

Used to describe a hot guy.

literally: beautiful ass, beautiful mouth
That outfit is BCBG!

Check out the BCBG across the street!
Mark's new boyfriend is BCBG!
by aesthetic220 September 12, 2007
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An acronym for Bon Chic, bon genre. Used in France in reference to fashion. It means in the highest of good taste.
C'est tres BCBG.

That's very BCBG.
by Ninja337 August 23, 2006
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An acronym for Bon chic, bon genre; or the highest in fashion and style. Used in reference to fashion. It has come to be a word to refer to fashion noobs.
C'est tres BCBG.

That's very BCBG.
by Ninja337 August 23, 2006
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