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A great friend who is always happy to see you. Easy to talk to about any issues. A lovely person the be around. She is gorgeous inside and out. Shy around people she doesn't know but all of her closest friends know she is completely crazy, in a good way.
Azaria is my best friend... she's always there for me!
by emmyisdabest August 05, 2017
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A female who has dark beauty. She is sexy, hot and unique. She has a wild side to her that she can't help but burst out. At first she will seem shy but when you get to know her you'll be blown away. She is everything a boy could ask for and she has the most gorgeous eyes. She has an obsession for tumblr and adores the colour pink. If you ever get close to an Azaria, you will feel like the luckiest human in earth. She is a mystery that is so fun to unravel.
Wow. I just met Azaria.
by Thatonedictionarygirl_ August 09, 2016
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awesome beautiful girl with sexy eyes, a cute smile and a face that will take your breath away, someone great to have around and a great girlfriend, one of a kind, very hard to find someone as good as her
wow azaria is the best girlfriend ever, azaria is a great friend
by fuckyeahchick August 03, 2010
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Azaria is a beautiful girl,who is blessed by god.She’s got a perfect body that every girl wishes they had.She’s sweet but she will lie any chance she gets because opening up to people hurts her.She is also desired but every man which is hard for her as she can only ever feel the love of lust.She is very seductive and can have whoever she wants.She rarely catches feelings for people but when she does she means it you’ll never know as she will never tell you but she does actually like you. If you ever meet an Azaria make sure you keep your distance or she’ll end up hurting you.
Azaria just broke my heart,she’s always trying to hurt people.
Azaria’s got an amazing body.
by Babyyydolll May 24, 2018
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