A very very wholesome person, very skillful but also humble. has based takes about basically everything Vil is a true blessing. Very poggers and extremely lovable.

Moni: Vil is so hot
so cool
so sexy
such a hot babe
future husband
by noradeeznuts February 19, 2022
A keyed term that can describe any positive situation. Putting vil in any given word context emphasizes only how awesome/amazing something or someone is.
Dude that leather jack is so Vilfresh.
Dude that vest is so Vilvest.
Dude those cowboy boots bring the Vilwest out of you.
Dude i just Viljayed that test so hard yesterday.
Dude what a Vilvesh move bringing Vilfresh back in Vilvesh.
by bobbyjack1 November 23, 2013
the Vils are a part of Northwood University - Michigan campus that provides accomodation for students. It is kinda far from the classroom buildings, you have to cross the football field and some woods. It used to be called "the ghetto". People living there are mainly Chinese international students, Dutch international students and football players. Still, one vil is the Eastern Europe GQ with crazy volleyball players.
"Lets go to 601 vils, they are making a Russian salad!!"

"Was so difficult to come to class this morning! They didn't remove the snow in the vils!'

"Vils are flooded because of the hurricane, everybody was moved to the dorms!"
by gomina queen December 6, 2011
Vil Shoenheit is a VERY beautiful man who is a dorm leader of Pomefiore😃👍
Vil Shoenheit could step on me and I would say "thank you"
by Rxzhiru February 18, 2021
Something so evilly entertaining that it is super-fun evil.
That Wilhelmina Slater on "Ugly Betty" is diabolical. She is whee-vil.
by S. Rowe March 12, 2008
Tha Vil is a hood in Epa (east palo alto). For all you out there that dont know, its also the smallest ghettto in the YaY area. So they got 5 hoods an a shit load a gangs down there in a 2 mile radius. The Vil G town Mid town Flood and one otha. Part of tha 650, Scraps dont go there. Crips neither.
Streets of EPA and tha vil is Tha place ta b were we all get hyphy and kick it.
by 650 - yay area July 22, 2006