A true Savage in all aspects of life. She is a crazy person but very fun to be around. Definitely a keeper if you ever find one.
Wilhelmina is an icee Savage and can drink the largest container on her own.
by Futurenp March 14, 2017
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Feminine name of Dutch (Netherlands) origin.

The male versions: Will, Wilhelm, or William.
Noteworthy: Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina Modeling agency
Nicknames: Willa, Willie, Mina, Wilma, Minnie
Pronounced willamina, the "h" is silent
Wilhelmina is a name perfect for an intelligent, beautiful, and sweet female with a gental and funloving demeanor. Sophisticated and determined.
by Queen Wilhelmina June 16, 2011
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actually the best person ever. She is literally so hot and stunning and gets so many girls they need to chill fr ik she has huge boobs and such a humungous ass she gets bbl allegations but like come on...

she also is jus so so smart and so funny like when she cracks a joke people's clothes just fall off. She is also just so kind animals follow her wherever she goes bc she is like literally a princess.
wilhelmina is the sexiest person ever oh my my
by milfgetter023827r348 July 31, 2023
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