the hot-ass man that plays the Gondorian King and the cowboy AND that sexy artist dude (A Perfect Murder)See also: viggolicious
Viggo is SO damn sexy!!
by Lor June 30, 2004
to viggo someone - being an annoying smartass who constantly second guesses everything you do, but has only crap to say
(on movie sets) I viggoed my director.
by Baragorn December 29, 2014
Viggo is a very intelligent man who has many dreams and aspirations. Viggo’s are good at giving advice even though they don’t try. Viggos attract many girls and constantly break hearts. Viggos are very attractive and they know it. However, they don’t like to seem cocky. Viggos are big flirts and cares deeply for those they truly love.
Gina: agh I wish I had a viggo in my life
by Karla Belento March 21, 2022
Is from the west and the most "gay" person in the server. He usually likes bacon...
Eika: Its Viggo hide your husbando!
by Eika_is October 18, 2019

1- middle aged man playing a mortal king

2- one who eats roadkill
Viggo has a huge sword.

Don't ever eat dinner at Viggo's house.
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
A person named Viggo is hot asf, likes dark humor and very funny. He think the worst of himself but is very cute. Either likes making out or cuddling, very sweet mf. Would love someone forever and be upset if they broke he's heart. Kind of shy at first but will open up when you get to know him.
Viggo: Hi my name is Viggo

Girl/Boy: hi ur very cute
by urverycute September 9, 2021