Pronunciation: WHOSE-BAN-DOH

An attempt to mirror the weeaboo language waifu by similarly weeaboo-fy the word "husband". Although unlike waifu, which was selected due to the fact it can be written in weeaboo-nese ("WA", "I" and "FU" are all Japanese syllables), it is unsure what it is that users of the word husbando were smoking when first coming up with the term, as husbando does not break down into Japanese syllables. When attempting to pronounce it in the same way as "waifu", it would sound closer to "who's bando" rather than "husband".

If anything, the weeaboo-fied word for husband should be something along the lines of Hazubendo

But as of right now husbando stand as a magnificent monument among weeaboos for their amazing cultural sensitivity.

I love Lelouche, my husbando
by Gulfion November 20, 2013
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A horrible, incorrect way of saying husband in Spanish, typically by people who do not know the language and are grasping at straws, are speakers of Spanglish, or who are trying to make a joke.
Girl 1: I no have no husbando, okayo?
Spanish speaker: Que?
by ParadiseElement March 27, 2014
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1-Saying "husband" for weeaboos.
2-Male version of "waifu".
Kirito is such a great husbando. <3

(I wanna cry)
by WEEABOO HAVEN July 31, 2016
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pov ur a virgin ‘weeb’ with no stable father figure in your life
“omg, it’s my husbando!! :33
by MEOWZWR July 28, 2021
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Pronounced Huz-band-oh

A masculine mirror to Waifu coming from "Husband" (similar to how Waifu comes from "Wife"). Usually used as a name for a fictional character that you have a big crush on.
Ever since I first saw him, I had a huge crush on him. He's my Husbando
by SuxAtGaming44 November 21, 2018
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The male version of a waifu. A fictional character (usually from an anime) that women care for so much they refer to them as husbando. The feelings one has for a husbando can range between love, obsession, worship or a mix of said feelings. Some have multiple husbandos and some have just one. Many women prefer Husbandos to 3D men because they suck ass and 2D men are superior to 3D men in every way.
Friend: wow you have a lot of Kars (JJBA) posters and figurines, you even have a body pillow of him.
Me: Yes because he is my husbando. I love him and one day my soul will transcend reality and I can finally be with him and worship him to my fullest.
Friend: need a therapist.
by ButterMyCreams February 4, 2017
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