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Taoism (also Daoism) is a principal philosophy and system of religion of China based on the teachings of Lao-Tzu in the 6th century BCE and on subsequent revelations. It advocates preserving and restoring the Tao in the body and the cosmos. The Tao is the Uncarved Block of existence. The Tao cannot be rationally explained. Any attempt to do so only explains something other than the Tao. All things arise from it, exist within it and return to it. All things in harmony with the Tao find their truest nature. In the Tao, all things find ultimate fulfillment. If we could only for a moment be in harmony with the Tao, we could be eternal as the Tao is eternal. The problem we have is that we do not normally live in harmony with the Tao. Instead of reacting naturally as the Tao leads, we insist on explaining, categorizing and controlling the world. This leads to insufficiency, pain and trouble. This artificiality and inflexibility is the cause of all personal and social trouble. We need to learn to drop artificiality and learn to live spontaneously and naturally in harmony with the Tao. We need to learn to be natural and in harmony with our surroundings as water conforms to its surroundings. Where much of Chinese religion favors elements seen as yang, male as active, Taoism focuses on qualities often seen as passive and female. Recall this in itself can be a dangerous categorization.
Thus Taoism is path of clearing the mind and its preconceptions. By natural meditative focus on the Tao, we find harmony, equanimity and fulfillment. The key guide to this is No-action (Wu-wei). It makes it possible to achieve all things without doing anything. This requires a neutral and natural meditative attitude. When we understand wu-wei, we learn to do things naturally as they need to be done, not when we think they should be done. Thus all things are done as required by the Tao. Philosophical Taoism is Tao-chia (Dao-jia). It is the introspective and philosophical approach based on the teachings of the Tao te Ching of Lao-tzu (Lao-zi). Popular or Religious Taoism Tao-chiao (Dao-jiao) uses many of the same concepts but melds them with traditional religious and magical beliefs from the past. These work in very different ways but are still referred to as Taoism. Zhuang-Zi (Chuang-Tzu) was the he most influential philosophical Taoist after Lao-Tzu. He wrote a book known by his name. His original name is actually Zhuang Zhou, but he is known as Master Zhuang. His book develops concepts of the Tao and wu-wei beyond those of the Tao te Ching along with teaching using witty stories, anecdotes and allegories.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 07, 2010
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That life is a paradox with a range in between them.

In other words, this is a good and bad thing at the same time.
dude: " Hey buddy, you into Taoism right?"
guy"The answer is yes and no, I am sort of not into Taoism, but I will be soon."
dude "Why can't you just say yes or no to Taoism than?"
guy "I was going to say yes, but I said no to prove that I believe in Taoism."
by used, diaper, lover April 15, 2016
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Taoism is not about worshiping any higher power but the belief that there should be a balance of both good and evil, good cannot exist without evil and evil cannot exist without good; too much of either one could through off the balance of the world and cause chaos and disorder.
or at least thats what I believe Taoism is about.
by GenericPerson August 06, 2007
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Some times refered to as Daoism. A religion that originated from China, but I'll give it to you short and sweet. Shit happens; having no choice but to accept the circumstances.

George Bush was re-elected the president in 2004
by -___- October 21, 2006
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A literary device or construction which typifies the style of famous author Tao Lin.
1. 'bro, that was a nice taoism you put in that poem.'

2. 'thanks, bro. i was feeling acutely depressed so i went to and ripped off a couple taoisms. hehe.'
by myrealnameischeeseburger May 02, 2009
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