Champa is a female name which has the meaning "The Queen of Dark Beauties"
Champa is adorable.
by Sri Lankan Queens January 24, 2018
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Champa Bay is a slang that rhymes with Tampa Bay that gained popularity mainly after Superbowl LV originating from the success of the Tampa Bay area's main sports teams from the late 2019 to current 2021 seasons. Within two years the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup. The Tampa Bay Rays played in the world series. And most significantly to note is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Superbowl LV victory despite being one of the least favored teams and it Tom Brady's first season there. Superbowl LV to note since being in Tampa is the first time a Superbowl has been played and then won by a home team with many more records being set by the Buccaneers. After the win Champa Bay gained notoriety from the sports world.
It's not called Tampa Bay anymore it's Champa Bay!
by vryepic February 13, 2021
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The only thing AP World History students can remember come exam day.
*during sex*
"Champa rice was given as a gift to the Song Dynasty and can be harvested multiple times a year."
by doing_your_mom May 29, 2021
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An insence made with Sandlewood and the Champa flower (Plumeria).
To say Nag Champa lets start with:
"Nag." Start by saying "Gnaw" then slap a "G" on the end. The word is closer to "Nogg" (as in egg nogg) than "Nag" (what your mom or wife does to try to get you to do dishes)
"Champa" pronounced "Shampa"

Now you won't sound like you are talking about a person that chomps on naggers when you say, "Nag Champa"
Those Indians know their insence. Nag Champa rocks!
by Insane Preacher March 15, 2008
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A great incense to burn, with its strong individual smell that you can't find in any other incense. Starting with a potent smell that goes to a cool sweet smell as time passes. If you burn, than it's the only one to have in your burner.
by Spencer October 27, 2003
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A wonderful brand of incense originating from and manufactured in India. it is somewhat expensive but well worth it due to its thick smoke, wonderfully strong yet sensual scent, and long-lasting effects.
My boyfriend's car smells like Nag Champa.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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a kickass indian incence that smells great. you can buy it at most hippie stores
It takes me a month to burn a box of nag champa
by OcaityO July 23, 2003
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