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A shape of diamonds. The baguette cut shape is similar to other square or rectangular shape cuts, based on straight, clear lines and simple geometric form.
I’ve heard of affairs which are strictly Platonic
But diamonds are a girl’s best friend
And I think affairs that you must keep Masonic

Are better bets if little pets get big baguettes

(Gentlemen prefer blonds)
by Haliotis June 10, 2012
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Adjective for something that definitely wasn't lame, but not quite "hot". In other words, slightly below being hot, therefore warm, like a nice pair of mittens.
"How were things at the club last night?"

"Plenty to drink, but the music was no good. I guess shit was mittens."
by 122445 May 14, 2006
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A baguette is a long French bread. It can also mean a penis in other languages like German.
Man: I will bring a baguette tonight!
Woman: What kind of baguette do you mean?
by Find a Wingman November 04, 2019
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Is a long, thin loaf of French bread that is commonly made from basic lean dough. It is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust.
I opened the pantry and grabbed the 22 inch baguette bread stick. I then proceeded to remove the pants my legs were in. I spat on the tip of the baguette to moisten its tip and lay down spreading my luscious cheeks slowly inserting the baguette into my anus feeling its crispy outer rub against the walls of my insides. I violently forced the baguette in and out of my anus for several hours until i was satisfied. I then consumed the baguette satisfying both my hunger and sexual needs.
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by PedoBear3000 October 23, 2019
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(1) A loaf of bread that's awesome. Often classified under the categories of french pastries, or baked goods.

(2) A super HxC prommie from the game Mabinogi.

Shannon: Damn, I'm hungry.
Kurukuru: Eat a baguette, faggit. <3

Noob #1: omgwtfbbq! it's the prommie baguette!!!!!

Baguette: Omgwtfbbq, hi random noob. :>
by SH4NN0N March 08, 2009
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diamonds dats shaped lyke lil tic-tacs dat makes erryting bling
if u wuz mah gul shawtay ahd lite ur wrist up wit baguettes
by yo_mayn September 30, 2003
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