A mental disease in which a human cannot text or write properly.The so called "text language"
was originally a diabolical plan made by the illuminati, mainly aimed to brainwash the microscopic brains of urban teens and adults. It is currently known as the first step to "Operation S.T.U.P.I.D" agreed upon by Jorge Bush, Barack Obama and other illuminati members.The next step to "Operation S.T.U.P.I.D" is currently unknown to the public, but it is predicted to be far,far worse.
Text language is usually caused because of these four reasons:
1. Pure laziness

2. Because there friend does
3. Because they don't know how to spell the word
4. Because the illuminati are threatening them to kill them if they don't

The "text language" seems to not effect elderly (50+). There is currently no known cure for this disease, however it is rumored that if the patient is strongly separated from all urban activities (computer, phone, etc) for 10-20 years the patient will "forget" the "text language" this however has not been 100% proven and may require more years of isolation.
Normal Human: Dude why do you use that stupid text language? There's no point, it ruins the point of grammar, it corrupts our language, and most importantly it PISSES me off.

Infected Human: lol dood wtf u ragin about lol? i nlike u have a lfe and dnt hve tme t perfect my langag

Normal Human: You doche bag you can't spell for crap and you are brainwashed by the goddam illuminati

Infect Human: lol

Normal Human: you even reading?

Infected Human: lol ho r illumininati again?

Normal Human: *facepalm*
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