1. Irritated, especially in a confused, shocked and/or disturbed way. Often used to describe a reaction to people’s behavior.

2. To have added information to a topic that makes it complex and confusing.
1. When Trump called Tim CookTim apple” he tried to convince America that he had said “Cook” so fast the camera could not hear. Many people were vexed at how he could expect them to believe that.

2. This new data is vexing what I thought was a clear-cut issue.
by Vexed_ March 14, 2019
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To be puzzled, to encounter something problematic. Something of annoyance or concern.
"The climax of that book vexed me."
by Dreamrider June 23, 2016
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Post punk band out of Seattle 1984-1992.
Vexed played a great set last night.
by Greg Phelps JR August 08, 2008
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to be riddled with bad luck.
This failure vexes me. I am terribly, terribly vexed.
by hazy September 09, 2003
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noun phrase

Meaning "take no offense" or "I mean no ill will towards you." Used to lessen seemingly harsh statements into a more positively-connotative context.
"No vex bro, but it seems like you are gaining a lot of weight recently."

"I did not think you would end up with a girl that hot, no vex."
by chrountz October 29, 2019
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