Something that can easily adapt to many different functions
The swiss army knife can be used for many different things therefore being versatile.
by A4775 October 3, 2020
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A North Dublin rap group, formed by duo Eskimo Supreme and Casey "Caspar" Walsh, who are also part of a bigger crew named Outburst. The members of Outburst feature heavily in the pair's music videos. Versatile's music is heavily influenced by American gangster rap, with themes of drug dealing, criminal activity and general lawlessness prevailing throughout. The group is satirical in nature, a fact which often escapes many, as they tend to lampoon the stereotypical "Dublin 4 drug dealing hardnut" type. Their most popular songs include "Ketamine," "We Sell Brown," "Dublin City G's" and "Scorching Again."
Gentleman 1: Pray tell, O fellow music aficionado, has the awe-inspiring musicality of Versatile ever reached thine ears?
Gentleman 2: Why yes, of course! The esoteric perambulations of the lyrics, which intertwine beautifully with the luscious and vivid imagery evoked by Eskimo and Caspar, often bring a tear to mine eye.
Gentleman 1: Quite so!
by Caladesh October 10, 2018
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(n) people who are skilled at many diifferent things: such as dancing, sports, sex and etc.

Used in the DMV
Son that nigga is Versatile
She Verstile as hell
by TYGA February 15, 2012
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A gay/bi term that means a guy is comfortable being either the pitcher or the catcher during anal sex. Some versitile guys have a preference for one over the other, but will do whichever depending on their current partner. Others have no real preference between the two and alternate to keep their sex life more interesting.

Also shortened to "vers".
"Hey.. you top, bottom, or vers?"
by Steven February 13, 2004
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1. In gay terminology, top to bottom. Pitcher and Catcher.
2. with many uses: able or meant to be used in many different ways
3. moving easily between tasks: able to move easily from one subject, task, or skill to another
4. changeable: subject to rapid or unpredictable change
5. zoology free-moving: describes a body part or joint that can turn or move freely in more than one direction, e.g. an insect's antenna
6. botany attached loosely: describes an anther that is attached to the filament by a small area, allowing it to move more freely
" He's gonna wanna put his wee wee in my poo poo." = versatile
by Angel Parker January 31, 2007
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Slang: It refers to a person's willingness to have sexual relations with people of diverse appearances regardless of their respective level of attractiveness and beauty.

1."Benny only likes blondes. He should be versatile, like me. I don't care about hair color."

2. "Hey, look at that babe hanging out with her ugly friend."

- "I'd tap them both."


-"Oh stop it! You already knew I was versatile"
by Ahksmar February 24, 2012
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Versatile bottom is a gay or bisexual term for if a dude prefers to receive the cock but sometimes will too give some of that cock too
Person 1 ; You top bottom or vers
Person 2; nah I'm a versatile bottom we having fun tonight
by Osofriendly September 2, 2017
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