In gay chat rooms, the term 'vers' is used to indicate that a man is willing to be either a giver (top) or receiver (bottom) of anal sex. 'vers' is short for versatile.
ArlingtonHtsboi: hey. lookin for?
TomTheLog: hey. lookin for a bottom. you game?
ArlingtonHtsboi: vers here.
TomTheLog: strictly top here, you interested?
by CapnCrouton May 12, 2004
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When a gay or bi man will is willing to top (pitch) or bottom (catch).
Jason says he's vers, but everybody knows that's just code for bottom.
by BO02 September 11, 2008
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short abbreviation for version.

A language developed by mostly teenagers and youth called turbo language, makes use of shortened words.

It not only allows them to feel cool, but also allows them to say more in a shorter time by doing less effort.
'sup, ha y'all doin'?

prev (previous),
nigg (nigger),
STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)
pos (piece of shit)
fag (faggot)
Mofo (motherfucker)
ver (version)
reg (regular)
prem (premium)
by Fukaface! April 23, 2011
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Ver is used by Red Mages at the start of each word to show they are Red Mages.
Red Mage 1: Verhey Verbro Verwhat Verare Veryou Verdoing?
Red Mage 2: VerI'm Vertotally Verparsing Verbro!
by Cod Mizuki May 03, 2021
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A slang-term used by Dutch-American teenagers in Arkansas, to describe a certain type of person.

"Vers" means "Fresh" in Dutch, and people referred to as Vers's are generally chill, open-minded, and seem to know what you're thinking. A Vers often excels in AP Psychology and looks out for people, but can get overwhelmed by the problems people throw on them, though they pretend to be fine.
Person 1: "Have you seen Drace's older brother recently? He's such a Vers, I like him."
Person 2: "Yeah! I agree! He's really charming and intelligent, and that stare, oh boy, it's like he can see right through you!"
by Crashing_Down October 15, 2020
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1. Synonym for fuck.
2. Exclamatory remark used to signify lust and/or sexual interest in a subject, usually without the subject in question being aware of the meaning.

Originated from bastard pidgin English speakers. Used as a way to hide nights of questionable morality from girlfriends.
1. Let's go to ver!
2. I verred her a lot last night.
3. Are you two verring?
4. Did you ver?
5. I think she wants to ver you...
6. (Mandarin) Ni men yao bu yao chu qu "ver"?
7. VER!
by Evan Lu August 16, 2005
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Short for "very". Used most frequently when making a mockery of a story, specifically one from a children's book.
"Hey have you heard the story of the ver hung cat (very hungry caterpillar)? Totes."
by A-Bizzle June 07, 2006
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