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North Dublin slang term for penis.
"Had to get custom made Calvin Klein's cos me flute is too long."
by Caladesh August 25, 2018
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The first recorded alphabet, originating with the Phoenician people of ~1050 BCE. Derived from Semitic logograms.
The Phoenician Alphabet is the earliest recorded alphabet, unlike the abjads of the time.
by Caladesh April 21, 2018
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1. Song by 70s acid rock band Hawkwind, from their album Doremi Fasol Latido. Tells the story of a guerilla fighter, possibly inspired by the Irish Republican Army, who were active during the period, and infamous for their car bombings and guerilla tactics.

2. A total player who basically runs their whole neighbourhood. Can easily put down competition and is probably the member of a suburban gang also.
1. "I'm an urban guerilla,
I make bombs in my cellar,
I'm a derelict dweller,
I'm a potential killer."

2. Irrelevant trash: Who the fuck do you think you are?
Urban Guerilla: I'm an urban guerilla, and I run this joint. Now show me some respect.
by Caladesh April 21, 2018
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A North Dublin rap group, formed by duo Eskimo Supreme and Casey "Caspar" Walsh, who are also part of a bigger crew named Outburst. The members of Outburst feature heavily in the pair's music videos. Versatile's music is heavily influenced by American gangster rap, with themes of drug dealing, criminal activity and general lawlessness prevailing throughout. The group is satirical in nature, a fact which often escapes many, as they tend to lampoon the stereotypical "Dublin 4 drug dealing hardnut" type. Their most popular songs include "Ketamine," "We Sell Brown," "Dublin City G's" and "Scorching Again."
Gentleman 1: Pray tell, O fellow music aficionado, has the awe-inspiring musicality of Versatile ever reached thine ears?
Gentleman 2: Why yes, of course! The esoteric perambulations of the lyrics, which intertwine beautifully with the luscious and vivid imagery evoked by Eskimo and Caspar, often bring a tear to mine eye.
Gentleman 1: Quite so!
by Caladesh October 10, 2018
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