A Jayne is a girl who makes everyone’s life better by just being in it. Sexy, beautiful and green eyes you can get lost in, a Jayne will make you feel loved and wanted like no one else ever has or will.

Full of energy and positivity, a Jayne will be a friend to anybody, but if you are lucky enough to get her love and unlock her true self, you get a passion, a desire and a soulmate like no one else.
Person 1: Hey, why you so happy?
Me: oh, I was just with Jayne….
by 🥣 September 3, 2021
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Jayne is such a nice person she is so great to be around everybody wants to be a Jayne but only one perfect Jayne can truly exist and she will make you so jealous every bit of Jayne is so insanely cute it’s crazy
Person 1 “See that person over there

Person 2 “Yup she has to be a Jayne”
by Jayne is perfect May 9, 2020
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A girl that is very misunderstood. Has talent that nobody could understand. It’s good to be friends with a Jayne she is trustworthy and someone you can spill your tea to. Has a particular sense of humor and can laugh for ever if you say the write words. She’s cute and
mysterious, yet quiet and quite outgoing when you know her.
“Jayne is weird
“She’s nice if you know her”
by Sharks.r.fun May 1, 2018
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Ok so listen to me. Jayne is the most perfect girl you will ever fucking meet. If you meet a Jayne, thank the almighty Jesus Christ. Jayne is fucking gorgeous, has a great personality, and lives life to the fullest. Jayne is the perfect girl.
Dude 1: Bro I just got a girlfriend!

Dude 2: Awesome! Who is she?

Dude 1: Jayne!

Dude 2: You lucky bastard!
by 👽 March 16, 2015
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An oft-misspelled girls' name. Jaynes are usually wildly intelligent and crafty. Likely to take over the world using robot ninja powers and cunning.
by cheese_curls November 28, 2009
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Jayne is the single greatest human to ever walk this planet she makes peoples days better just by looking at them and has a great personality that is matched by none. If you think you have anything on Jayne then you r lying
Oml I’m so jealous of that Jayne
by Jayne is perfect May 9, 2020
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Jayne is often a girl who makes a lot of mistakes. Normally wonders why she can't be happy without that one person.

Very open-minded and loves new things. She is a flexible girl who loves to show off. Has a passion for bums. A stupid girl who falls in love far too easy.

She has her evil ways of making you fall in love with you. She will release one day what she lost.

Jayne loves her kisses at night.
Jayne she broke my heart

Jayne has a nice bum

I love jayne and don't no why.
by Thegirlwelove October 29, 2013
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