Drug Dealer - One whom is in the business of dealing drugs.
"Hey are you a vendor?"
"Yeah I've been doing a lot of vending recently"
by Old Gregg69 March 13, 2012
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Someone who works to a company without social security link. A way to avoid costs hiring people for a long time. A kind of "reducing costs" strategy.
Normally VENDOR works like normal employees but has no Vacation, Bonus , etc...
A group of workers that get some prejudice sometimes, because they work better than the regular employees exposing their weakness to their bosses.
Hey Folk why my boss gave the activity to the Vendor and not for me?
by Mr Miguel November 7, 2006
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A vendor is frequently depicted as a force that may be conjured by management to hamper or destroy forward mobility within a company or an organization, and can never be controlled under any circumstances. Vendors provide proprietary services utilizing backward ideas, dysfunctional system components, and non-functional or non-existent technical support. Vendors gain and maintain strength by means of information repression and intense use of circular logic and evasion. “Training” is typically something of a goldbrick.

Institutions suffering from Vendor lock-in can often be compared to the poverty stricken communist state which existed under the East German occupation of 1949 – 1990 by the former Soviet Union.
We were thinking about outsourcing the website to an outside vendor. It seems to be working well enough and we decided we'd like to try fucking it completely. Anyway Bob's friend runs ShitStream Content Management Sytems Inc. and we're old frat buds, so tell the company to suck it. We've already implemented a system to blame the IT guys. Send out a memo.
by Armand Banana November 11, 2005
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A complete loser that shows up around lunchtime if there are vendors nearby. The vendors want a free lunch and will take almost anyone out so they can utilize their employer's expense account. Vendor whores also go to a lot of free sporting events, and are known to take motorboats and other toys as kickbacks. These tie-wearing idiots really annoy those of us who work with the inferior products they try to push on us, so they can get their free lunches and crap.
"Here comes Don. Yep, it's lunchtime again. His Arabic saleman buddy is here to take him to lunch. What a vendor whore."
by running out of patience April 8, 2008
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Slang term for an attorney, the court sanctioned salesperson who hawks freedom to the client with the fattest wallet.
You had better buy yourself a freedom vendor who is worth a shit if you expect to walk.
by Dr Bunnygirl February 21, 2019
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1) A man with extreme prowess with the opposite sex.

Literally like a vendor of his dick, or a "dick vendor."

2) A total do-wrong. Scammer or shiester.
1) The ladies love Dick Vendor

2) That cat stole our taxi! Dick Vendor!!!
by richard vendor October 29, 2012
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An item found in a role-playing game that has no practical use other than being sold to a merchant; essentially a coupon for free gold.
The gems and jewelry in the first Baldur's Gate are vendor trash.
by ACD8K September 29, 2010
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