Mentioned in John Steinbeck's Novel, Of Mice and Men The Passage states "You seen that glove on his left hand?"
"Yeah. Seen it."
"Well, that glove's fulla vaseline."
"Vaseline? What the hell for?"
"Well, I tell ya what - Curley says he's keepin' that hand soft for his wife."
"That's a dirty thing to tell around," he said."
Which has disturbed me since 9th grade and I couldn't get it out of my head!
Meaning keeping your hand soft for some kind of sexual pleasure one can only assume.
If I needed a smooth hand to do it right, I'd have a "Glove Fulla Vaseline", baby!
by Chanel B August 3, 2008
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When you really get taken avantage of. Basically getting fucked.
Tanya: They charged me way too much for the computer I just bought. I could have bought two for the price I paid to have it financed.
Sydney: Damn sounds like you need some vaseline with that.
by crystal420 March 6, 2007
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When one speaks to you and you cannot decipher a word that they say. Or when a person speaks uncontrollably and babbles without any flow or direction. It is permissible to yell "vaseline" and cut one of thes unfazed individuals off.
Man, that guy was talkin with a mouth full of vaseline. What the hell was he talking about?
by Brentus July 27, 2005
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The nastiest of all sex positions. One partner lies in neutral position on their back, flexing the hips forward. The second partner will Lower themself into a seating position, in the opposite direction. It is imperative for the crouching partner to be facing the North facing wall. The crouching partner will then lift the leg of their dominant hand 45 degrees in the air. Either partner will begin to thrust simultaneously. Variations of this position include multiple partners, one partner thrusting, and the use of Vaseline as lubricant.
Hey Karen, bend over and I’ll give you a Vaseline Sandwich
by Sultry Sally September 19, 2020
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When someone doesn't understand a joke, misses a joke or appears to laugh too long after a joke has been made.
by babypiratesnapchat2 January 9, 2023
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Some effeminate person whose lubrication of choice is a good old fashioned tub of petroleum jelly. Popularised by Miles from This life, a show about a bunch of half cut workshy whinging lawyers.
Julian Clairy is a prime example of a vaselined arse fairy. He rubs so much vaseline ® around his crack that chaffing is seldom a problem.
by Arshavin August 23, 2009
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