1. les claypool's character's fantasy band name, meant to be another euphemism like pearl jam
2. a wet, slippery vagina, on the verge of gushing orgiastic creampie of a material with a vaseline-like consistency
"i'm lookin forward to lickin dat camel-toein' vaseline groove record comin out this month!"
by original prankster January 29, 2009
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When you have beaten your dick raw to the point of having to cover it in vaseline and wrap it up over night to heal.
My dick hurt so bad I had to sleep with a vaseline mummy.
by Udayweiz December 22, 2019
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What Slick Rick is, he's shy as well due to his eye injury
Slick Rick has worn an eyepatch since he was a baby, he's shy, and he's slick as vaseline.
by babypiratesnapchat2 February 27, 2023
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member of the male persuasion that would rather pleasure himself using petroleum jelly rather than having sex with his girlfriend; see also jason montes.
Nobody likes a vaseline boy.
by puyallup October 8, 2003
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When a sports official makes a really bad call that essentially guarantees a win for one team or player, then the tries to make up for it by making an insignificant ruling in favor of the team or player screwed over by the first call. The make-up call is the "vaseline" call because it's meant to lubricate the figurative anal rape of the first call to make it hurt a little less.
The refs in the 2/28/06 FL State - Duke basketball game had instructions to ensure a Seminole win, but at least they gave Duke a vaseline call near the end of the game.
by ghetto blaster October 12, 2006
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