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In the south a blowed out bitch refers to a girl that has been around the block a couple of times and then again. Basically a nasty whore that sleeps with other girls boyfriends or really anyone that will sleep with them(girls, boys it doesn't matter to them). They think they are the shit, but, they are really broke, scandalous, sneakin ass bitches, that have literally been blown out.
Jane: Hey girl what's bothering you?
Tina: Well I just seen ole girl talking to my boyfriend.
Jane: Oh don't sweat that blowed out bitch she ain't shit.
Tina: Yeah I know but, I don't like her.
Jane: Me either.
by crystal420 March 06, 2007

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When you really get taken avantage of. Basically getting fucked.
Tanya: They charged me way too much for the computer I just bought. I could have bought two for the price I paid to have it financed.
Sydney: Damn sounds like you need some vaseline with that.
by crystal420 March 06, 2007

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