This is the predecessor of Vaselphobia. This is where you ask the life changing question of Vaseline a drug? After asking this once or multiple times someone shall convince you that, "Yes, it is a drug". This shall go on to give you Vaselphobia.
"Vaseline a drug?" you ask. "Yes, on it right now!"
by Guxity August 2, 2023
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a bag of microwaved Vaseline shoved up your fanny to use as a cum blocker
by Hshshdhdhhdhd June 8, 2017
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That one kid that likes anime a lot. Also enjoys compliments about how he looks like Frankie Munez. Also is a seaman. Enjoys long walks on the beach with his dog.
Wow Victor Vaseline really looks like Frankie Munez.
by Hello YAY May 9, 2010
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The swag and confidence that pirates get after using Vaseline. Usually done in a ufc setting.
Vaseline Swag.
by babypiratesnapchat2 November 2, 2022
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When one speaks to you with a lisp and you cannot decipher a word that they say. Or when a person spits uncontrollably and has a lisp. It is permissible to yell "vaseline" with a lisp and cut one of these lispers off.
Man, that guy with a lisp was talkin with a mouth full of vaseline. What the hell was he talking about?
by babypiratesnapchat2 June 25, 2023
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