when some one fucks up, has no luck, makes a mistake, looks like a dumbass and/or a chick gets boned and its dry down there. . . therefore you have. . . No Vaseline. . . Biatch
Shola. . . . Kunal. . . Tottenham. . . Miss Procter. . .
No Vaseline. . .
by Rico Suavez February 9, 2007
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A Sweden rock-pop duo who only got there most fame when Nirvana covered 3 of there songs (Mollys Lips, SOn of a Gun, Jesus Dont Want me for a Sunbeam.) They are sadly broken up now.
"We were really high one night when we thought of the name" Eugene, male singer.
by Snipe September 26, 2004
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Verb (slang) - To create a fake beard with the sole purpose of deceiving other individuals of one's age.
How are we going to get into the strip club, we're only 12 years old! Wait... I know! Let's Vaseline & Pepper tonight, that should throw off the bouncer.
by Richard Simmons 2000 August 12, 2010
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With extreme anger and hostility toward another person, vengeful and showing no mercy or sugarcoating; usually used in conjunction with "Fucked" or "Raped".
"Kelly was so pissed, she tore into her boss without the Vaseline and was immediately fired."

"Don't test me today, cause I'll rape your ass without the Vaseline."
by Spencer1980 August 24, 2008
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A person that rubs Vaseline all over their lips and makes themselves look like a man spackle receptacle.
Man, you have Vaseline face. Your lips are glowing like you have man butter all over them.
by JuanBoy February 29, 2008
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1. A form of saying that someone got owned or beaten EXTREMELY bad.

2. Ownage without the vaseline to help ease the pain.

3. When something serious/horrible/tragic just happened and there are no other words to explain it.

1. Josh: Wow, I just beat this kid in basketball 15-2.
Kevin: You straight up raped him no vaseline.

2. He has like 2 kills and 43 deaths. He's getting raped no vaseline.

3. His Nintendo Wii fell and broke and his parents aren't gonna buy him a new one. He is raped no vaseline.
by Kevin342523657231354 March 7, 2008
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When a really fat chick rides her man with alot of Vaseline because she has a dry twat and he holds on to her love handles and pulls her up and down like he is holding the reins of a horse.
Guy number 1: Dude whats that really loud slamming noise?
Guy number 2: Oh, thats just Dave getting a ride from the Vaseline cowgirl.
by theroyalestella December 1, 2009
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