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1. The way Jackie Chu from SML (Jeffy) says vagina

2. An overconfident, stupid girl who everyone hates or loves

3. A city in Virginia
1. Today class, we are going to learn how babies are made, they come out of the Varina

2. Look at Jenny over there shes suck a varina\

3. Jeff: I'm from Varina

CJ: Oh you are a redneck beer drinking, cigarette smoking varinion

Jeff: yeah
by Ali-A YT April 22, 2019
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Right outside of Richmond, VA. Country living, full of beer drinking and cigarette smoking rednecks. Drugs...see Mechanicsville for them.
Got Dope in Varina, nope gotta go to the ville for them.
by SunshneX2 June 19, 2008
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A self observed,stupid,annoying brat who thinks the world revolves around her and doesn't care about anybody but herself
She's so stupid,she's such a Varina
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