The YouTube channel which has 9 Million Subscribers but no ads because YouTube will not leave them alone which has caused the creator Logan Thirtyacre to create 6 spinoff channels SLL (Super Luigi Logan), SBL (Super Bowser Logan), SYL (Super Yoshi Logan), SWL (Super Wario Logan), SWL (Super Waluigi Logan), and SDL (Super Daisy Logan). Jesus Christ.
Wow, can you believe YouTube DEMONetized SML?
by ANDREW GAMING_YT September 20, 2020
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Shortened form for Smile. Just in case you’re texting someone whose phone can’t read emojis
Him: you’re really cute
Her: sml...thanks
by Swayshae February 14, 2020
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Similar to "FML" aka "FUCK MY LIFE".
by penguwin February 7, 2011
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SML stands for "So Massive and Long!"
"That is SML!"
by Rarkoosl October 6, 2019
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A Popular YouTuber whos full name is SuperMarioLogan who does nothing but play with puppets and make videos with them destroying stuff with one specific puppet named JEFFY who spanks his diaper all day. Great youtuber though, watch him! Supermariologan
Lovell: Hey Lance, did you watch the latest SML?

Lance: Yeah! I won a free video game from his channel!
by AceCubes April 3, 2017
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Person 1: Did you study for the bio quiz?
Person 2: No, it was today???
Person 1: Yeah
Person 2: SML
by Double Helix44 February 6, 2017
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Show Miyachi Love
Non Jammer 1: Hey man, check out this Miyachi trick (using palms)
Jammer 1: Dude no palms. SML
by Pham PHISH October 11, 2013
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